The experience of seeing a Broadway musical live is unlike anything in the world. The story, actors, characters, music, lyrics and visual aesthetic can make your emotions run wild. They can resonate with your current life, or make you think of your childhood, or even the path ahead of you. The shows can make grown men weep, empower the next generation and inspire those watching to ultimately be better people.

Personally, Broadway shows inspire me. They give me the courage to defy gravity and make history. They enable me to seize the day and claim my corner of the sky. They allow me the chance to feel electricity while I stand up to the man. I have seen too many shows to count at this point but here is a list of the most inspiring numbers that have seen on Broadway, and some that are still being performed in Times Square night after night.

1. "Seize the Day" - Newsies

Doesn't it just make you want to revolt against something?

2. "Will I?" - Rent

Just gives me chills, and makes me want to live for every single day.

3. "The Wizard And I" - Wicked

Who wants to go to Oz and be "de-greenified?"

4. "Light" - Next to Normal

I remember when show came out on Broadway. There is nothing but inspiration and hope in this show.

5. "One Day More" - Les Misérables

Just going to leave this here.

6. "The Story of Tonight" - Hamilton

Just Lin-Manuel Miranda thinking about how history is made.

7. "No One is Alone" - Into the Woods

You are not alone in loving this song.

8. "If Only You Would Listen" - School of Rock

This show was about so much more than rock 'n' roll. It was about children breaking free from the mold their parents put them in.

9. "And I am Telling You I'm Not Going" - Dreamgirls

This is the song you sing to impress people. It also got Jennifer Hudson an Oscar.

10. "History Has Its Eyes On You" - Hamilton

Miranda reminds us later in the show that sometimes the world is watching and we have to give them the best we can give.

11. "Ring of Keys" - Fun Home

An inspiring piece making audiences aware that sexuality is not a choice but rather something that is always present, even in children.

12. "When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground" - Finding Neverland

Ever want to feel like a child again? Run away with J.M. Barrie and be in awe the whole time, especially during this song!

13. "She Used to Be Mine" - Waitress

The emotions in this song will for sure give you the feels.

14. "Corner of the Sky" - Pippin

Just a classic that has been done countless times but never gets old.

15. "Electricity" - Billy Elliot

I get chills when I listen to this song.

16. "Falling Slowly" - Once: A New Musical

We have heard multiple versions of this song at this point and they are all incredible. I mean, everything is better on Broadway, am I right?

17. "Cross the Line" - Bring It On: The Musical

Yassss to this way too short-lived production. I am so ready to cross the line!

18. "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" - The Sound of Music

Totally old school but just amazing regardless.

19. "Raise You Up/Just Be" - Kinky Boots

This number just can do no wrong. Just a bunch of drag queens and regular folk in high heels singing about being there for each other.

20. "The Circle of Life" - The Lion King

Just a classic that makes you want to hold up a baby lion.

21. "Defying Gravity" - Wicked

I am not sure what to say here...

22. "The Impossible Dream" - Man of La Mancha

Another classic song that every thespian has auditioned with before. Just up-lifting.

23. "Im Here" - The Color Purple

A song about loving yourself, something all of us could do a little bit more.

24. "This Is the Moment" - Jekyll & Hyde

This is the song you listen to before you start a new chapter in your life. It is sure to put some pep in your step.

25. "Don't Rain on My Parade" - Funny Girl

Take a bite of life with this classic. Also, the "Glee" version is pretty damn good, too.

26. "Move On" - Sunday in the Park with George

Just a little number about moving on, with Bernadette Peters. She's alright, I guess.

27. "Chip On My Shoulder" - Legally Blonde: The Musical

This song is just perfection. So much fun, and gives some great perspective to just bust your ass.