The first two weeks of classes have come to an end and they have been anything BUT easy. It seems like life has been serving up more bad than good and in all honesty, the only thing you want to do is crawl under your covers and hide from the rest of the world.

Although this seems like the best solution, it is also the easy way out. Take it from the girl who took basically a whole week off from her life because she just could not handle everything that was being thrown at her. This caused her to feel extremely lonely and even more stressed out for being behind in classes that JUST began.

Throughout the week, numerous things were made clear to me that I knew in the back of my head but needed either reassurance or a better understanding of. Here is a list of things to remember when life seems to be weighing you down more than you can handle.

1. There are people who love you and want to be there for you.


I am lucky enough to have a great circle of friends and an amazing and supportive boyfriend. They are always there for me but it is time when I am struggling with anxiety that I see it the most. They continue to remind me of God's love even when I cannot see it at the time and to let me know that in the end, they are always there.

2. It is OKAY to need alone time.


Personally, I am an introvert who loves her alone time. Whether that be in my room with some candles on while reading a great book or going watching a movie by myself, I crave that alone time. Explain to your loved one that if it is best for you specifically, some space could greatly benefit you when you are feeling anxious.

3. The outcome of the issue that you are stressing over probably is not as bad as you are imagining. 


This is something that someone dear to me continued to remind me of this week. I was stressing over something that 1. was unavoidable and 2. was something that would require some hard work to catch up in. I was reminded that even though I may constantly be thinking worst case scenario does not mean that will happen (and he was 100% right).

4. Just because you are feeling unmotivated does not mean you should give up.


As a writer, I go through stages of writer's block. I feel like all my ideas are "already done" or "not original." The same thing can happen in a class when I am not understanding a concept. It is crucial to remember that during these times just because something may seem "overdone" or "hard to understand" does not mean that it is. I sat down with my computer last night and out of nowhere realized articles may sound similar but these are MY opinions and thoughts. That has never been heard. Classes with hard concepts? I learned that sometimes you just have to out that extra time in and really give it everything you have.

5. God is there, even when you do not feel like He is. 


This is something that I definitely have been struggling with. I am going through so much, where is God to help me? He is there when you are crying your heart out. He is there when you feel that push that you need to pray because there is nothing else to do. He is there through the friends who are filling you with love and encouragement. He is always there.