Bring Back Ugly Middle Schoolers

There once was a time when middle schoolers were free to roam in their Aeropostale T-Shirts and blue eyeshadow and, sometimes, even receive compliments for doing so. Nowadays, this type of behavior is no longer acceptable, according to most tweens. In modern times, the common 12-year-old comes complete with a wardrobe that excels that of most 18-year-olds. They've mastered the smokey eye look and have contouring kits. Most have upgraded to the latest Apple iPhone and from what I've seen, most middle school aged children don't even seem to have acne. Is our generation aging too quickly? And with such advancements taking place at such a young age, has the common middle schooler evolved? Is it time to bring back the ugly middle schooler?

Disclaimer: I apologize to anyone who may appear in the pictures of this article. But, in all of your defenses, you're all hot now.

Though I began my middle school career a mere six years ago, it was a different time then. The fashion? Aeropostale, Hollister, and if you were really cool, Abercrombie & Fitch. These were the brands we lived by. We took trips to the mall (chauffeured by our moms, of course) in our Gauchos pants and Crocs in between after-school band rehearsals and tuba lessons.

Uh-huh, don't try to act like you don't remember these. Back then, Crocs weren't something that sorority girls wore as a joke. They were the real deal. And they looked great paired with these incredibly fashionable (right??) pants....

I used to collect so much Vera Bradley that my closet seemed to overflow with it. These bags were all the rage in the seventh grade. Now, I see middle schoolers carrying Longchamp bags. What a waste of a beautiful bag on such a young soul. I blame Instagram. If you're so beautiful from such a young age, what will you post for a Glo-up photo four years from now when you've already reached your peak?

Oh yeah, and the mustache obsession? It was all the rage 6 years ago. And why? Who knows. Trends are stupid, but if you don't go through them, what pictures will you have for your kids to laugh at you?

Middle school gym class, 7th grade (featuring your narrator in the middle)

Spring beach trip with my best friend Emma, 6th grade (Yeah, on the right... everyone take note of the middle part and the hair bow protruding from the left side of my head... ouch.)

Emma and me on Senior Prom (I'm on the right, again.)

The Glo-up is REAL (because we actually had room to Glo-up).

If you really want to make a difference, join the campaign to bring back ugly middle schoolers. You could save a life and a pair of yellow crocs!

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