Bright Lives Matter
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Bright Lives Matter

Killing violence with kindness

Bright Lives Matter
Elyse Snyder

It seems like every day recently, we've woken up to dark and devastating news.

It's a grave realization that comes over you when someone asks, "did you hear about the shooting?" and you have to reply, "which one?"

I thought I wanted to put out my own opinion on what's been going on lately, but then I realized that everyone's news feed is probably already overly populated with too many strongly opinionated monologues, with various hashtags like #blacklivesmatter or #bluelivesmatter, etc.

While I could write a post about my particular opinion on these headlines that are causing us to shake our heads in bewilderment, I feel as though that might be beating a dead horse. #horseslivesmatter

Instead, I suggest we consider something else.

I want to share my ideology of the sun. Seems really random and irrelevant, right? Hear me out...

Growing up, my father always used to talk about "pillars." He often stressed the importance of creating a foundation for your character, and applying the ideals that matter to everything you do, consistently.

At 8 years old I didn't have a clue what he was getting at. My Ferby mattered a lot to me, but how was I to apply that to anything?

But, as I grew up, and he kept reiterating, I finally got it.

Pillars support the substance of who we are, and act as a compass, guiding our every action. They represent what is important to us. Truth, integrity, honor, and so on. For me, the two pillars that make up who I aspire to be as a person are kindness and optimism, and the sun embodies both to me.

Its been a convenient metaphor to light my way.

I think the reason our TV screens and news feeds are inundated with tragedy is that there are too many people who have been in the dark for too long. The only thing I can think of when hearing about these stories is that the person responsible must have lost their light somewhere along the way.

Now, I'm aware this is not revolutionary, cure-for-cancer type insight. I know my words don't have the capacity to replace all of the selfishness in the world with empathy, and no amount of paying it forward will reach everyone it needs to stop all of these lights from going out.

But if there's one thing I know and can trust in this confusing world, it's that kindness is contagious.

In the socially connected world we live in now, with ample opportunity to touch each other's lives, why is it so hard to shed light? Just as the earth deserves the warmth of a new sun each morning, everybody deserves kindness.

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