A Brief History Of Deporting Legal U.S Citizens
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A Brief History Of Deporting Legal U.S Citizens

No, you are not "safe."

A Brief History Of Deporting Legal U.S Citizens
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What surprised me the most about Donald Trump's victory is the staggering amount of Latinx and Hispanic voters who voted for him. Twenty-nine percent of them did in fact. This rather frightening consider his comments on immigrants were rather... distasteful to say the least.

"Now Juan," I hear you say. "Your concerns are completely unfounded! The LEGAL immigrants have nothing to worry about!"

That is where you are wrong my fellow Americans. Our country has had long history of deporting legal immigrants.

We shall start out in 1907 with the Repatriation Act when all marriages between foreign man and American women were voided. Women who refused would end up losing her citizenship. The Act was partially repealed during the second World War (with Chinese and Japanese men being the only ones still subject to the law). The law was fully repealed in 1943.

From 1929 to 1936, the Mexican "Reparation Act" subjected thousands of legal and non-legal Mexican workers to harassment, intimidation, and deportation by the federal government. About 60% of them were legal residents.

And as of four days ago (as of the writing of this article), the first DREAMer (despite Donald's Trump vow to protect those bought here illegally as children) was deported. And this is a brief history of America deporting legal residents.

I find it quite tragic that many Latinos defending Trump's action, completely ignorant of their own history here in the States. You all know what we say about those who do not know their history...

They are condemned to relive it.

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