So we know that this week, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will begin his confirmation hearings. However, this is crucial. He believes that presidents should be able to pardon themselves. He believes that a president should remove someone that is investigating them. He does not respect or follow the ruling of Roe v. Wade.

Now you must be wondering, why does this matter to you or me? It's just the Supreme Court. No, it is not just the Supreme Court. They ultimately decide the laws and what is Constitutional and what is not.

Kavanaugh might be at a first glance but he dissents a lot, meaning he disagrees with precedent. Precedent means the way the law is interpreted. I had to read the transcript for an assignment and I kid you not, I feel all politicians are doing is just have a pissing game. Literally, Senator Sasse went on a rampant about the three branches of government as if we all needed a refresher of basic high school government class. I can tell you that my teacher, Mr. V, was much more efficient with lesson plans than Senator Sasse was in actually doing his job.

Not to mention that three senators highlighted the fact that "classic Brett" was an astounding basketball coach for his daughters' team. This comes from the same elected officials that claim a public figure's personal affairs have nothing to do with their politics.

Not to mention that when you looked into the audience that was attending the hearing was primarily white. Why don't our government officials and attendees look like the actual demographics of the United States?

Also, I am not buying that Judge Kavanaugh will not overturn Roe v. Wade because he is a devoted Catholic man. As someone raised in a Catholic household, abortion was always emphasized as a choice available to women but our religion prohibited it. Key term: our religion. Not the government. If we want to get so technical, our First Amendment right is freedom of speech, religion, etc. I do not believe for one minute that he will push his Catholic morals to the side because in a previous case last year, he ruled that an immigrant woman in Texas could not have an abortion. This was after she completed all the legal hurdles in one of the most restrictive states!

At least in my household, we are firm believers in women's rights and the right to have an abortion. Quite frankly, Judge Kavanaugh does not and if we restrict abortion, we will be going backwards politically, socially, and fundamentally. Less than a hundred years ago, women could not vote. Less than fifty years ago, abortion was still illegal. This fight is not about Trump. This fight is about fundamental rights for women.

As a woman, I stand firm with my beliefs and with women nationwide. We have to let our senators know that we are not having this.

It is time to have women finally have the final say about their bodies, their rights, and their lives. I am tired of old, white men having power over my rights.