Ah, Brendon Urie. Possibly every middle school girl's favorite heartthrob from the mid-2000s (and maybe still some peoples' favorite heartthrob, so what if I'm not over it?), Brendon was easily the cutest, funniest, and most relatable pop/rock/alternative boy out there. We may not have Brendon's jawline or voice, but here are thirteen times that Panic! at the Disco's front man explained us all during finals and the end of the semester while capturing our hearts:

When you see someone in your class stand up to present and you just know it's going to be awful:

You wish you could pull off the eager/evil look so well. #sorrynotsorry

When your professor goes over all the things that will be on the final:

And you realize how screwed you truly are and that you probably should have studied more.

And when you find out that your final will be cumulative:

Why would you do this? Why are you such an angry person? What horrible thing has happened to you to make you this way?

Getting a rubric for an assignment:

And looking at it like, "Whaaaaaaaaat?" (Complete with the head tilt).

Trying to free yourself from the clutches of school and responsibilities:

"If you love me, let me go," amirite?

Giving yourself a little pep talk:

You just wish that Brendon and his adorable motorcycle jacket were the ones cheering you on.

Accepting the sad reality:

Or any time during the next couple weeks. It's fine. I don't need sleep.

When you work really hard on something and just know that you're going to do well:

There is no better feeling than putting a lot of effort into something and knowing that you earned a good grade.

Disappearing into the pain and stress that is this semester:

Yep, I'm just fading into the distance. See you later. I welcome the sweet release of death.

When you turn to alcohol to solve the stresses of your life:

It may not be the healthiest coping mechanism, but hey, I'm only human.

At the end of the day, not knowing which way is up:

Who am I? Who are you? Why does any of this matter?

Begging some for some indication that you're going to survive:

I want to believe that I'm going to live through four papers, three exams, and a professor who won't answer my e-mails. Just give me a sign. Anything will do.

Shock. And distress.

That moment when you open an e-mail from your professor or see your online grade posted... and all you can do is break down.

Thinking about alternatives for getting a degree like:

I mean, it might disappoint my parents, but I have other options...

Walking out on the last day like:

Bye! See you later! Thanks for the memories!