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Stop Shaming The Girls Who Cut Their Hair Post-Breakup

Because it's more than a new style, it symbolizes a whole new person.

Hope Cross

Almost a year ago, I ended a two-year relationship with my high school boyfriend. The whole relationship was immature and messy, and when I came out the other side of it, I realized how little I had grown as a person throughout it.

In fact, I had lost my true self along the way. I had no idea who I was as an individual, or how I wanted to portray myself to the world. I hid behind long locks of auburn hair that I refused to cut out of fear of vulnerability, and the lingering comments from my ex: "you wouldn't look good with short hair," and "I only like girls with long hair." (Also the stigma that long hair is prettier is absolute bull. F the patriarchy.)

But two weeks after I called things off, I did 'The Chop,' cutting more than eight inches of my curly hair at a cheap student-discounted Supercuts salon. And I felt incredibly liberated.

Gone was the thick mane that served as my security blanket for all those years before. Gone was the curtain of hair that I hid behind. Gone were the lingering thoughts that I would be less beautiful, less unique, less of a woman. Instead, I felt independent. I felt strong. I felt free.

Post-chop, I was met with overwhelming compliments and encouragement. Yet, among the few, were still those who met my new look with judgment. Those being the same people who asked constantly if I regretted it. And each time, and still to this day, my answer remains a resounding NO.

Because it was so much more than a haircut, as it is for all other women who drastically cut their hair or change their appearance post-breakup. It's a rebirth. It's symbolic. It's choosing to somehow reflect the overwhelming internal changes externally. It's defiance. It's choosing, for once, to be your own person. To be expressive. To be YOU.

So there is absolutely NO SHAME in the post-breakup chop. If anything, it is to be celebrated. Because these women had the courage to physically change and be vulnerable in order to further their change as a person. So to those absolute mouth-breathers out there that think cutting your hair after a break-up is childish, petty, immature, unnecessary, attention-seeking, or whatever, you all have no idea what you're talking about. I bet y'all also hate puppies and pour your milk before your cereal and put one sock and then one shoe on like an absolute psychopath. So obviously their opinions mean nothing.

Because cutting your hair after a breakup is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. I promise you'll feel empowered, and like the bad-ass woman you are.


Just please make sure you do your choppin at the salon, okay?

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