BREAKING NEWS: Exit Polls Indicates Hillary Beat Trump but NOT SO Fast Hillary Supporters!
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BREAKING NEWS: Exit Polls Indicates Hillary Beat Trump but NOT SO Fast Hillary Supporters!

Yes, you are right that Donald Trump is not your president based off of how you voted in the popular vote or the electoral college. But no, Hillary Clinton is not your president... Exit Polls shows Bernie Sanders...

BREAKING NEWS: Exit Polls Indicates Hillary Beat Trump but NOT SO Fast Hillary Supporters!
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In America, many people believe their votes does not matter. With the electoral college system, unless you live in one of the 11 swing states, your vote really does not matter. It has become apparent that even in swing states; your vote does not matter. Exit poll data suggests the election may have been rigged and not in the way you think.

First, it is important to understand what exit polls are and how they differ from opinion polls because exit poll data and opinion polls are completely different. Opinion polls are used to get an idea based off of a random sample of people to figure out how people will vote. Exit polls are how people actually voted. So the biggest difference between an exit poll and an opinion poll is that people who respond to opinion polls may not actually vote or may change their mind while they are in the voting booth. Exit polls are the collection of data after the fact to ensure that there are no voting irregularities. In essence, exit polls act as an agent to assure that elections are fair and free.

Exit polls are extremely reliable and incredibly accurate. In fact, exit polling data is so reliable and accurate that exit polls with over 100,000 respondents, the margin of error is a fraction of one percent according to the Election Defense Alliance. If exit polls are off by one to two percentage points, it would be a major cause for concern. It is statistically impossible for Exit Poll data to be so far off without some form of irregularity.

That brings me to the 2016 election and this is something that should worry everyone and really make you question whether we have free and fair elections in the US or not. According to exit polls conducted by Edison Research, Hillary Clinton won four key battleground states (North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida) that she went on to lose in the computerized vote counts. With these states, Hillary wins the electoral college 302 to 205 with some states still being counted. Furthermore, exit polls show that Clinton won the National Poll by 3.2 percentage points. But according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary Clinton only has a .6 percent lead in the national polls.

There were massive discrepancies between Exit Poll data and the vote count. Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states, the discrepancies between the exit polls and the reported vote count favored Donald Trump. Of the 23 states that favored Trump, 13 of these states favored Trump exceedingly outside of the margin of error.

In North Carolina, Donald Trump lost in the exit polls by 2.0 percent but won the machine vote by 3.8 percent. That’s a 5.8 point swing in Trump’s favor relative to the exit polls. In Pennsylvania, Trump lost in the exit polls by 4.4 but won by 1.1 in the machine vote count. That is a 5.1 point swing in favor of Donald Trump. In Wisconsin, Trump lost in the exit polls by 3.9 percentage points but won the in the machine vote count by 0.9 percent. That is a 4.8 percent swing in favor of Trump. In Florida, which is normally a controversial state, Donald Trump lost in the exit poll by 1.4 percent but won the machine vote count by 1.3 percent. That is a 2.7 point swing in favor of Trump.

When the vote count varies outside of the margin of error, it is considered an indication of election fraud or irregularities as according to the US Agency for International Development which states:

“A discrepancy between the votes reported by the voters, and official results, may suggest, that the results have been manipulated.”

Again, I want to make it clear that exit polls are completely different from pre-election opinion polls. Opinion polls are how registered voters may vote. Exit polls are how the voters actually voted. It is virtually impossible for exit polls to be that far outside of the margin of error without some forms of irregularities or dare I say “rigging”. You are as likely to shuffle a deck of 52 cards and all of the cards appear in the exact same order as for exit poll to exceed the margin of error that greatly without election fraud occurring.

Hillary supporters, you have legitimate grievances and a legitimate argument that Donald Trump not only lost the popular vote but the Electoral College in a landslide. I want to make it clear, Hillary supporters, yes, your protests are vindicated. Yes, you are right that Donald Trump is not your president based off of how you voted in the popular vote and the Electoral College. But no, Hillary Clinton is not your president.

You must be thinking “What? If exit polls are that accurate, how is it possible that Hillary Clinton is not the president?” Well, here’s what’s very interesting and it exposes the hypocrisy of Hillary loyalist. Yes, exit polls show that Hillary beat Trump, however, exit polls also showed that Bernie Sanders beat Hillary in the primaries.

Here’s where things get wacky and I will understand the true character of Hillary supporters. According to Election Justice USA, a national nonpartisan team of election integrity experts, attorneys, statisticians and journalist published a 96 page report on discrepancies in exit poll data for Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders. Every single state that Hillary Clinton won,where there were exit polls, the exit polls varied outside of the margin of error. The report shows, Hillary did much better in areas with provably hackable voting machines. In Alabama where Hillary won big, places with easily hackable voting machines like Mobile, Jefferson, and Montgomery which happen to be the three largest counties in Alabama. Clinton won those counties by 66.5 percent, 64.2 percent and 73.4% respectably. However, in Madison a county with similar demographics, and does not use the hackable voting machines, Hillary only won by 38 percent which is around 30 points lower than places with hackable voting machines.

Exit polls continued to have massive discrepancies throughout the democratic primaries but on the republican side, the exit polls were essentially spot on. Election Justice USA stated, “This is remarkable, as the exit polls for both parties were conducted on the same day, in the same precincts, with the same interviewers and used the same methodologies.” It is impossible for Exit polls to be spot on for the republicans while the democrat's exit polls were over 30 points outside of the margin of error. Furthermore, there was massive voter suppression that occurred in places like Arizona, New York, and California. Available evidence from these states suggests more than 500,000 registrations were tampered with or improperly handled and the percentage of purged voters was a significant predictor of Clinton’s vote share... In New York alone, over 120,000 people were purged from voter rolls in areas that were likely to go for Bernie Sanders as well as massive registration tampering which involves making changes to a party affiliation or registration status without the voter’s knowledge or consent. Such Election Fraud also occurred in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Irregularities disproportionately affected young voters and independents which were groups that overwhelmingly favored Sanders.

Primaries contest exit poll discrepancies that exceed the margin of error (in 11 of 11 such cases, the discrepancy favored Clinton). In 10 of 11 cases, the Media stopped reporting exit poll numbers. So in other words, when irregularities in exit polls were realized, the media stopped reporting exit poll numbers.

In total, it is estimated that Election Fraud cost Bernie Sanders at least 184 pledged delegates. In most countries, when exit polls are off more than one to two percentage points, an automatic audit is required. Exit Poll discrepancies favored Trump by as much as 6 points in the general election while discrepancies favored Hillary more than 30 points at this during the primaries.

Look, it is clear that you have evidence that the election was rigged against Hillary Clinton. However, Hillary supporters cannot make that argument without first acknowledging that the primaries were rigged for Hillary, against Bernie. Yes, you can you can rightfully say that Donald Trump is not your president based off of exit polls. But you cannot say Hillary is your president because Exit Polls shows Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton. So if you use this evidence to defend Hillary and ignore what happened to Bernie Sanders, you are very low in character and you play for a team. If you have integrity, you will say, “Yes, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump but Bernie Sanders beat Hillary.” Or you will say "Donald Trump won fair and square." BUT you can’t have it both ways. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. We will see whether you are a person of high character or a person of low/no character based off of your response. Love it or hate it, I will give you the facts. If you don't want facts, go watch Fox News, CNN, MSNBC or whatever other corporate bought, shitty network you are used to getting your news from.

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