Breaking Expectations

Author's Note: Two weeks ago I turned 19. While I was celebrating I started to think about all the accomplishments I've made in just the past year. That made me realize all of the expectations I have broken in my life that people have set before me. So in honor of that I decided to write a poem about what it's like to change what people think about you. In all honesty it's never easy but it's always worth it. As the saying goes do the unexpected because I promise you it's always to do things your way then somebody else's. I hope this inspires you to to break the images that other people perceive you as.

Breaking Expectations

All my life I’ve had certain expectations I was meant to live up to.

Like bridges I never wanted to cross,

But no matter what I did they never went away.

So as an unstoppable force how was I supposed to move all these immovable objects?

By ramming straight into them.

I was told I would never go to college,

But I did.

I was told I could never become an artist,

But I did.

I was told I shouldn’t try to break societal standards.

But I am.

Do not be what people see.

Break every rule, path, and outline that has been laid before you.

You are not just a label.

You are not just a statistic or a number.

You are the protagonist of your very own fantasy epic.

So, forget the rules.

Challenge the system.

Break the bars.

And screw image.

Because here’s a little secret,

When it comes to life,

You make your own.

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