Breaking Down Auburn's 2015 Recruiting Class
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Breaking Down Auburn's 2015 Recruiting Class

Auburn Snags Yet Another Top 10 Class.

Breaking Down Auburn's 2015 Recruiting Class

National Signing Day has come and gone and according to, the Auburn Tigers have the 9th ranked recruiting class in the country, however, the Tigers are ranked as high as #3 (Scout) and #7 (ESPN). Here is a breakdown of all 27 players added to the roster today.

Early Enrollees:

Jovon Robinson:

The #1 rated JUCO player is back on Auburn’s list of commits. After a two year stint in the JUCO ranks, breaking records left and right might I add. The running back will be in a battle to be the premiere ball carrier with Roc Thomas and Peyton Barber. It will be tough to keep Robinson off the field, however. That dude is just a flat out freak with the ball in his hands.

Tyler Carr:

The Southside (Gadsden) product was a longtime mainstay on the Auburn commit list. He committed back in June of 2014, and he never wavered. He will provide instant depth on an already experienced offensive line, so there may be a redshirt in his future. Taking a year to learn from the likes of Alex Kozan and company might do wonders for this 6 foot 5, 310 pound behemoth.

Jason Smith:

Jason Smith is yet another guy that was at one point a high school commit to Auburn, but had to go the JUCO route, and has come back to Auburn. Jason is listed as an athlete, but will first get a shot in the quarterback competition along with Jeremy Johnson and Sean White. Smith, should he not win the starting QB job, will most likely move over to wide receiver.

Tim Irvin:

The 4-Star receiver from Miami, FL will look to provide depth to a position that lost a few playmakers to graduation this past year. With Sammie Coates and Quan Bray leaving, it leaves a hole for playmakers, that while it may be filled with players like Tony Stevens, Marcus Davis or Ricardo Louis, Irvin’s speed and athleticism may make it tough to keep him off the field.

Chandler Cox:

Auburn has filled the Jay Prosch sized hole in the roster that was left this year. While CJ Uzomah and Brandon Fulse played well, they are not pure blockers as Prosch was. Chandler Cox can fill that void. The 6 foot 220 pound fullback is a blocking machine, and will look to take on the same role as Prosch. He can absolutely mash, and will be paving highways for Auburn running backs for the next 4 years.

Bailey Sharp:

The offensive tackle from Marietta, GA’s Sprayberry High School, like Tyler Carr, was a longtime mainstay on the Auburn commit list. He committed in April of 2014 and never wavered. He, like Carr, will provide depth on the offensive line. Again, like Carr, a redshirt may be in his future, but learning from Shon Coleman, Avery Young and company will do wonders for him.

Tyler Queen:

The Kennesaw native was ranked as the 15th ranked pro-style quarterback. While he wasn’t ranked as a dual threat quarterback, he’s not a typical “sit back in the pocket and pick apart a defense” guy, he’s still got some wheels on him. He will have some competition for playing time, and probably won’t even see the field until at least Jeremy Johnson leaves campus, but taking that time to learn under the tutelage of Gus Malzahn and Rhett Lashlee will be fantastic.

Maurice Swain:

There was one position Auburn needed to stock up on desperately this recruiting class, and that was defensive tackle. Maurice Swain is a big, instinctual defensive tackle that has the ability to come in and play right away, and man does Auburn need that.

High School Commits:

Byron Cowart:

There’s no doubt about it, this was the biggest get for Auburn on National Signing Day. With the fax debacle behind us, we can look forward to Cowart’s time on the Plains. He is big, he is physical, he has a quick first step, and he can play both inside and outside. Will Muschamp should be licking his chops about lining up Carl Lawson and Cowart opposite from one another. In Muschamp’s scheme, those guys will be able to pin their ears back and meet one another at the quarterback.

Kerryon Johnson:

Madison Academy product Kerryon Johnson is an absolute freak, plain and simple. He could play running back, he could play receiver, he could play safety, or he could play linebacker. He will most likely land at running back, however if he could be convinced to switch sides, he could make an almost immediate impact at safety. He already has experience playing in Jordan-Hare, as he broke an AHSAA State Championship record by recording 7 touchdowns in the 3A State Championship Game in December.

Prince Tega Wanogho Jr.:

As he will be known forever more, Prince W is just about as long as long can get. At 6 foot 8, 260 pounds and a wingspan of well over 7 feet, he will be an absolute menace off the edge. Think about it this way, Prince W is the same size as Lebron James. That’s big.

Jeffery Holland:

This guy reminds me a lot of a linebacker Auburn had during Muschamps first stint at Auburn, and it just so happens that this guy is back on staff on the Plains, Travis Williams might as well have a clone named Jeffery Holland. He is a pass rusher at heart, playing inside linebacker. He has the ability to drop into coverage, but he is best when he is getting after the quarterback.

Darius Slayton:

Slayton was initially recruited as a defensive back, but he made the switch over to receiver, and Auburn kept recruiting him. He’s a really big, quick guy, with great instincts and good hands. Coaches really feel like he can be a big playmaker in the coming years.

Jordan Colbert:

The Griffin, GA product is described by the coaching staff as a “big guy playing defensive back” and that is probably the best way to describe him. He’s 6 foot 2, 205 pounds and can really lay the lumber. He reminds me a lot of a Junior Rosegreen type player.

Darrell Williams:

Williams, the product of my hometown of Hoover, AL is a big time outside linebacker with a great skill-set. He can put his hand down and rush the passer, but also has the athleticism to drop into man or zone coverage. He will have the chance to learn under Kris Frost, Cassanova McKenzie and company.

Ryan Davis:

Another great receiver get for this class, at the best possible time. The playmaking ability of Davis is through the roof. He’s a smaller guy, 5 foot 10 and a little over 170 pounds, he’s the perfect fit in the role Quan Bray has just vacated. He’s quick, great with the ball in his hands, and he’s got good receiver’s instincts.

Richard McBryde:

McBryde, the Troy, AL product, is a great inside linebacker with great instincts. The staff really seems to think he will fit well into Coach Muschamp’s system, which thrives on big, fast linebackers and their ability to make plays sideline to sideline.

Marquel Harrell:

Coach Malzahn described Harrell as a “big athletic lineman that can run”. While he’s not as big, his playing style reminds me a little bit of former All-American Ben Grubbs. He’s big, he’s physical, and he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He should do well under the tutelage of Coach Grimes.

Kaleb Kim:

Although he’s listed as a Center, Kim can play all three offensive line positions. Auburn linemen are known for their versatility, and Kim will be no exception. Because of that versatility, he will have the opportunity to come in and make an impact.

Montavious Atkinson:

Yet again, Atkinson comes at a time when defensive tackles are most needed on the Plains. He has an opportunity to be a big time playmaker on the inside, as he is a good tackler, and has good instincts.

Javarius Davis:

Davis will fit directly into the Corey Grant sized hole left by the speedster. He is a sprinter at heart, who runs the 100 meter dash at just a hair over 10.3 seconds. He will have a chance to contribute early in the kick return game, but could also begin to receive carries as the speed sweep guy.

Carlton Davis:

He’s a cornerback that will be playing for Auburn with the last name Davis. Nothing could ever go wrong with that. But really, he is a long, physical cornerback that has room to put on some weight so he can become even more physical at the point of attack.

Jauntavius Johnson:

Yet another defensive tackle, which fills a need Auburn desperately needed to fill. Johnson is a big guy, but has speed for his size. He is explosive off the ball, and has great hands. He reminds me of a young Nick Fairley.

Jalen Harris:

This guy is probably my favorite of all of Auburn recruits this year. He is a St. James Montgomery product and was coached, and ultimately swayed to attend Auburn by the late, most beloved Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen. He will wear #43 to honor his coach and mentor. On the skills side, he is a very versatile tight end with the ability to put his hand down as well as move outside into the slot or on the edge.

Mike Horton:

At 6 foot 4 and 310 pounds, this guy is a flat out monster. But what’s scary about him is, there is room to grow. He is surprisingly quick for his size, and is physical enough to take on both defensive ends and defensive tackles. His quickness also allows him to get into the second level and lay blocks on linebackers and players in the secondary.

Jeremiah Dinson:

While he wasn’t extremely highly ranked or rated, Coach Travaris Robinson was VERY excited about Dinson. He touted him as a very tough guy who can run and tackle extremely well.

Ian Shannon:

One of the top rated kickers to come out this year, Shannon is very versatile. Although he will mainly be competing for the punting job, he can also handle all of the other kicking duties. His leg has been described as “big”, which is just about the best compliment any kicker can receive.

After breaking down this years crop of signees, I have a great feeling about the future of the Auburn Football program. I can’t say it enough, BYRON COWART WILL BE AN ABSOLUTE STUD. However, we shouldn’t forget about the other playmakers elsewhere in this class. Jason Smith, Kerryon Johnson, Tim Irvin, Jeffery Holland, Prince W, and all the others will be just as important in the future. Many of these guys came to Auburn with aspirations of winning championships and I honestly believe that this class has a legitimate opportunity to do just that.

War Eagle, Y’all.

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