We Need To Break Away From The Thin, Blonde, And Shallow Sorority Girl Stereotype

We Need To Break Away From The Thin, Blonde, And Shallow Sorority Girl Stereotype

What pops into your head when you think of the typical sorority girl?

Jessica Cooper-Vastola

What pops into your mind when you first thing of the typical sorority girl? Is it a perfectly thin and popular blonde who is completely shallow? Someone with no depth and a fake smile on the exterior to hide it? If that’s your assumption of every girl who is part of a sorority, you’re wrong.

Although I have only been a member of Elon University’s chapter of Tri Sigma for a semester, I already know that the sorority girl stereotype is completely wrong. I have come to learn that each and every one of my sisters is so strong, independent, unique, and has incredible depth. To say the least, these girls are far from shallow.

Here are 8 reasons why the stereotype of a typical sorority girl is wrong.

1. They build you up when you’re down.

I can confidently say that any one of the girls in my sorority would be there for me when I’m feeling my worst. They know how to comfort you, whether it’s baking you cookies and watching your favorite movies all night, or just being a shoulder to cry on.

2. None of us are perfect.

Let’s be real, perfection is completely overrated. Honestly, it’s just so boring. Not a single person in my sorority is perfect, and that’s what makes us all so amazing. What we lack in perfection, we make up for in depth, breaking away from the stereotype.

3. We know how to get deep.

What I have learned through my new member period is that each girl in my pledge class has gone through something life-changing. Whether it’s something positive or negative, it has added to their character in an unbelievable way, and it just makes us so much closer.

I, along with other girls, had shared things about myself that I had never told anyone before. Those nights together were easily some of the best of my school year. We are all so much more than what society portrays us as, and people really need to start embracing that.

4. We really become a big family.

Being a part of Tri Sigma has given me the chance to find my family away from home. I’m proud to say that these girls have truly become my sisters, and we have all created such an amazing bond. We each have an unconditional love for each other and have each other’s back no matter what. My sisters will always come first, and I know they feel the same way.

5. Making a change

Believe it or not, it’s not all about boys and parties. Every sorority on Elon’s campus is constantly fundraising for their philanthropy. There isn’t a week that goes by where we don’t get a message about a profit share, bake sale, or giant dinner being sponsored by a sorority in order to raise funds for their philanthropy, and you can tell that we all truly love doing it. Being able to make a change with your sisters is an amazing feeling.

6. Endless support

From bid day onward, you will feel incredible love and support from each and every one of your sisters. Our love for each other is unconditional, and every decision each of us makes will be fully supported and respected by each other. We want to watch our sisters succeed, and that is why we will give each other all the support in the world.

7. Personal growth

Being part of Tri Sigma has taught me so many things about myself that I would not have known prior to joining this sorority. It has allowed me to grow and become a much more confident individual.

Knowing that I have over 100 sisters backing me up and accepting me for who I am has allowed me to love myself a little more, and I’m sure the rest of my pledge class feels the same way.

8. We work our asses off.

There’s this common misconception that sorority girls are not smart. If you truly believe that, then you may need to reevaluate your own intelligence. We are young women who are constantly expanding our knowledge and working towards something greater than ourselves.

Somehow, we have all managed to maintain great GPAs, have a social life, attend multiple clubs and at least some type of fundraising event every other week, and keep up with sorority events. So yes, we really do work our asses off.

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