I'm Taking a Break After I Graduate, You Should Too

Most parents expect their children to start working in May, the moment they graduate from college and have that overrated piece of paper in their hands. I've been experiencing that lately from my parents who are constantly nagging me on it. But who really says I have to start working in the summertime? Sure, that's how it is traditionally for most college graduates. They either start working or go to graduate school. There's no other option. But the thing is, I'm not like most people. I like running in the opposite direction of the status quo.

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Don't get me wrong. College, thus far, has been an amazing learning experience. I have changed SO much in the last year. However, I need to inform you that college wasn't created for people to get jobs. It was created so that we may get to learn more about ourselves. At least, that's how MY mindset is. I have taken a plethora of diverse classes and through taking those classes, I have developed the ability to think for myself.

I've decided that I don't want to work straight after I graduate from college. I want to take a couple of months off because I think it is well-deserved after all these years of standard classroom education. I need a break in order to stay sane. I cannot become a slave to this capitalistic system as soon as I get my diploma. I don't have a plan and I'm actually okay with that. I enjoy being spontaneous. I have purpose and I want to discover who I truly am and what I truly want. I can tell you straight up, I wasn't born just to pay off student loans and pay the bills for the rest of my life. I don't think anyone is. I want to travel. I want to create songs. I want to explore new opportunities. I want to do some soul searching. I want to discover why I'm really here and what I'm really meant to do

Hopefully you're inspired to do the same. Peace and blessings.

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