An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend

You should probably know...

I am not your replacement. I am not with him for the purpose of breaking your heart. I've heard the story of what transpired between the two of you, but you must know that while you had your story I had my own. Honestly, what happened between the two of you is none of my business. Before I even knew either of you existed, I was going through my own heartbreaks and had my own separate life. I have been through both great relationships and not so great relationships. I have been cheated on, used, and lied to. I know how it feels to have my heart broken and there will never come a day when I wish that on anyone else.

It is normal for an ex-girlfriend to dislike the "new" girlfriend. I am not saying you have to like me. It is not something that is easy to face. I have been there before. It hurts. What you have to remember is that pain doesn't last. Life moves forward and while you grow you will find the person who you are truly meant to be with.

Your story is not my story.

What you had with him was special in its own way. You shared with him some of the most amazing days of your life. You grew up with him and went through experiences with him that have shaped the woman you are growing to be. You had ups and downs and beautiful days. Everything in life happens for a reason.

Relationships that start in high school and end in college are a huge part of growing up. While you had yours, I had my own. When your significant other is away at school while you are still back home it is hard to handle. Your daily routine you used to have when you got to see them every day changes completely. Trust is tested and feuds are fueled.

No, I don't know you and I don't expect you to like me; but, I do expect you to respect the place in which we are in life now. Your story happened and mine is happening. They had nothing to do with each other. They are both special and experiences we should all cherish for the rest of our lives.

But, I wanted to thank you.

Thank you for making him the man he is today. Thank you for teaching him about how to treat someone he loves. But most of all, thank you for existing; maybe not in my life, but for existing in his. You were a huge part of his life that he won't ever forget. I respect that completely and all I ask of you is to respect his spot in my life.

Overall, I hope that you find someone to spend the rest of your life with all while appreciating the experiences you've been through so far.

Despite the way things may have ended between the two of you, you deserve someone who is going to give you their all. You deserve to be happy. I hope you find that happiness in your own life.

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