Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Posting About Your S. O.

My Significant Other Is My Best Friend And I'm Not Sorry About It

Truly a part time lover, but a full time friend.

Lana Lerma

In this world, there are two types of people. Those who are in relationships and those who are not.

Well, I'm that person that is happily in a relationship and I'm proud to say that. We met in high school and we were friends before anything, which led us to get to know more and more about each other along the years.

I'm not embarrassed to be mushy and show off my love for him to the world. In fact, he feels the exact same way. He is never too shy to display his feelings. This is only one of the many things I love about him.

When we are together, it is effortless. Almost four years in and being friends for 7 years, it still feels like puppy love all over again. I prefer to be with him over 99% of people, which is something not everyone can understand.

Seeing and knowing other people who don't define themselves in their relationship is cool and all, but that's just not me. All day, I can only think about going home and telling him all about my day. I know that he will be excited to hear about it and vice versa.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you can only imagine how I'm anxiously waiting for yet, another romantic dinner. As if, we don't already have enough. But that's the thing about my relationship, we can never get enough of each other.

It is so incredibly comforting to know that you have someone in your corner that completely supports you and all of your hopes and dreams. I am definitely not sorry to let everyone know that I am content and in love.

I'm not sorry that our posts on social media are pretty much always about each other. And I'm surely not sorry that I just prefer to be with him most of the time. Why would I not want to spend my time with someone who actually cares about me and my day and doesn't just pretend to care?

I'm not sorry that I am mushy and gushy when I talk about him, because all in all- he is my best friend in the world. He was there for me when no one else could be or wanted to be. He told me I could when I really thought I couldn't. He lifts me up before I even hit the ground. I don't care how corny it sounds, but he means the world to me and more.

I know that you might be perfectly happy being single and independent, and that is completely okay with me. I'm not saying that you can't be content without a significant other. This is just my story and my feelings.

So when you see my posts about how much I love him and how cute I think he is, just remember that I'm not sorry about it one bit.

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