I Gave This Boy An Article Because He Gave MeThe Feeling Of Humiliation

I am a nursing student, I have a job + bills to pay - so my time is valuable. I gave you the time you asked for & in return, you gave me humiliation.

I grew up in this area, I am a local. I am the person you come to and ask what there is to do - but do not be surprised when I tell you "nothing." I grew up with the people that surround the borders of UWG, I have memories everywhere. Of course, not everyone knows me, but some do - and they know you too.

They have seen the same social media posts, seen you around town, and have spoken to you - maybe? But, do they really know you? Do they know how lonely you truly are & how you are willing to date anyone to fill that hole? Well, there is a store called "Home Depot" that sells cement - fill your hole with that instead of wasting mine, and your next victims, time.

I am a very closed off person, I am not going to give you my full attention until you deserve it. Did you? Obviously not because you did not get much from me.

However, I would like to be refunded the time I did share with you - what little I did share.

Wow, you know how to woo them. You wanna compliment me one day & then go incognito the next. It's 2018, everyone can see when you are on social media - so I know when you are ignoring me + giving me meaningless compliments. Cut it out, I am not your farm animal - stop the cute names, we both know you were copying and pasting the same thing to the other girl.

So you might have money, that is good - maybe you can buy yourself a new personality. But you know what you cannot buy? You cannot buy back my time and effort. It is really annoying being led on. Don't act like I am too good for you & then the next you are wanting to act too good for me. Don't get it twisted.

Also, I know you read my articles - don't make assumptions. I am no thief in the night, I don't chase boys nor attention. I am not some freak in the sheets - at least not for you. You had me fooled, you really did - but I am an expert at sniffing out the bullshit & you were covered in it.

I think you will hate this article the most, I wonder why. I hope to hear some feedback & I hope your new relationship will last longer than 5 days.

Sincerely, the girl you pissed off and humiliated. You should never make a girl look like a fool because we are, in fact, crazy.

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