To The Boy Who Wasn't Ready For Me, Thank You

To The Boy Who Wasn't Ready For Me, Thank You

I still call you a boy because I have yet to see you become a man.

Thank you. I truly and genuinely mean that. Thank you for teaching me more about myself than anyone else ever has.

At the blind eyed, hopeful age of 19, you were the first boy I ever truly began to fall in love with. You were handsome, witty and could actually hold an intelligent conversation seemingly unlike most other boys that age. For a long time, I really thought you were perfect. Now two years later, through all of our ups and downs, older and wiser I can finally see our relationship for what it really was; misplaced hope and a source of security.

I wanted you to be my Prince Charming, the start of my happily ever after. You wanted and needed someone there to make sure you feel better and keep you from feeling like you were all alone. Ultimately, it didn't work.

Let me make this clear, I don't hate you. I don't think I could ever hate you even if I tried. You have this uncanny ability to make everyone around you laugh and smile, even if you were the reason they were frustrated in the first place. You're much smarter than you give yourself credit for and you're that person people want to call when there's an emergency. Even though you'll try to disagree you just have this way of making almost everyone you ever meet fall in love with you. (Trust me, I know this one from personal experience.)

Sure, you weren't without your flaws. You can be rude, hurtful, unattached, unemotional and self-centered at times. But at least you know this, I mean it's practically the whole reason you ended things anyway.

You weren't ready.

You needed to be on your own first.

You had to figure out who you were and who you wanted to be as a man.

After every single thing we had been through together, after I was the one to pick up the pieces and help stitch you back together time after time, after I saw your potential and pushed you to be the man I knew you could be, after every single little thing I let you put me through for so long, you still weren't ready.

You weren't cruel, you tried to make things easy on me. You said you'd always be there, that you'd always care, that we could still be friends. You didn't promise too much but before you walked out the door the last time you said: "Maybe down the road we'll find our way back here."


But I can't wait around for maybe. I can't keep waiting for you to get your shit together. I can't put my whole life on hold for someone who isn't putting in the same amount of caring and effort that I am because that isn't fair to me. And for making me realize that, thank you.

Thank you for showing me exactly what I want; someone who cares about me the way I care about them. Thank you for showing me what an equal relationship doesn't look like and the red flags I should look out for. Without even knowing it you helped me realize my own self-worth and what I truly deserve. Thank you.

Who knows, maybe you're right, maybe years down the line we will find our way back together. If not, I hope over time you grow into a man you truly are proud of being. I hope you find out who you really are and are happy with that the way you should be. I hope one day the absolute most perfect girl in the world comes along for you. I hope she sees you past your flaws and your past and loves you despite them. I hope she can be everything for you that you need, the woman that I so desperately used to want to be but ultimately couldn't. And more importantly, I hope you love her with everything you have and that you'll finally be ready for her.

Wishing you nothing but the best,

the woman who couldn't wait for you any longer.

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Ladies, Stop Waiting For Love And Learn About Yourself For A Little While

Keep growing and believing in yourself, honey.


This one is for all of those ladies out there that are waiting.

Yes, I said waiting.

Are you waiting for that guy in your class to just ask for your number already?

Are you hoping the guy at the coffee shop you see everyday asks you out on a date?

Are you waiting and dreaming up every situation that could possibly happen when you meet your special someone?

You're waiting for that special someone to come find you. You've thought up every fantasy and cute little way you're just going to "run into" the one soon.

I am too. I'm not going to lie.

I literally sit in my car or at my desk or lay in bed and just dream about how my love life will somehow happen in the blink of an eye. Because, ya know, I've just never been the one to dream of being #foreveralone. Yeah, I know that isn't a thing anymore but oh is it ever so relevant.

I am right there with you!!

BUT I am here to tell you to STOP.

Be patient. You are still young and have so much to learn about yourself.

I do the same thing. I sit there on social media, watching couples my age get engaged or have babies or just have such a perfect relationship every single day.

I let it get under my skin. I let it tell me that I am not enough for a relationship. I let it get to me a lot more than people think.

But I have come to the realization that it will take its time and I will learn patience. I will take time for myself. I will create a whole new world and just live to grow myself physically, emotionally, mentally, faithfully and in every aspect of my life.

Once you start to spend more time with yourself, you develop a love for yourself. and after a while, being alone doesn't scare you.

God has a special plan for each and every one of us. So why rush it? God knows exactly what He's doing.

If you need it, here's the biggest reminder that I constantly am telling myself: God's plan is greater than yours or one you could ever dream of. Everything happens for a reason because it's all a part of HIS plan. NOT yours. God's love is greater. And until He leads you to your better half, keep praying and loving the Lord. He will lead you in the right direction. He has never failed you, why would He start now?!

Keep growing and believing in yourself, honey.

I promise the wait will be worth it!!



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Megan Sutton

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11 Pieces Of Advice That Will Change The Way You Love And Let Go

Through love and loss, there is always a lesson to be had.


Asking for advice can be tough, especially when it comes to relationship advice. Over the past few years, I have experienced a lot of love and loss. I've accumulated a ton of stellar advice from those around me. Through makeups, breakups, dating and leaving, there is so much to be learned about the way we can all improve our relationships.

1. Love is not enough to make a relationship work.

The first piece of advice I will share is actually something I wrote about here.

"Love is not enough to make a relationship work." This is something no one ever told me, but it's something I have realized. Some people think that love can conquer anything, but that can be a toxic concept.

There is so much more that is needed in a relationship other than love.

Yes, you need love to thrive in relationships. But you also need mutual respect, trust, boundaries and security. If you are missing one or more of those things and only have love, that is toxic. If you love someone but are not being treated well, it is NOT enough.

2. You cannot compare relationships.

This has been crucial advice for me this year, given to me by my best friend.

You are going to have multiple relationships and friendships throughout your life. These relationships are always going to be different, even if you think you are the same.

In reality, every relationship has a different love language. In every relationship, you're going to experience different hardships and successes.

You are going to experience so many different types of relationships. Comparing and chasing after one specific moment or one specific feeling you once had will ultimately ruin what you have in the present.

3. One day, you just know.

This piece of advice was given to me by none other than my mom.

"One day, you just know" is the phrase my mom uses when someone is thinking about pushing a relationship forward or ultimately ending things.

I was having a hard time coming to terms with my feelings at the beginning of my freshman year. I wasn't sure whether or not I should continue a relationship or end things. I loved someone, but I no longer knew if I was in love with them.

So my mom told me during those confusing few days that one day I would just know that it was the end. That one day I was just going to wake up and realize I no longer wanted to continue that particular relationship.

She was right. After days of going back and forth in my head, I knew it was just time and that is all it took.

4. Date someone who is kind.

I know this piece of advice is a no-brainer.

I get it. Obviously, you want to date someone who is kind. But there is more to it than that.

From what I have noticed, it is the men and women who actively prove their kindness that make the best partners. These are the people who are not only kind to you but to others as well.

They are kind to friends, families, cashiers, customer service workers and more.

The way they treat others in public and in private are huge indicators as to whether or not you will get that same respect in return.

5. If you cry more than you laugh, you have to let them go.

Another lovely piece of advice from my mom.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, successes and downfalls. However, it is important to note that while this is true, you cannot rationalize being in a relationship that makes you feel miserable.

Some days or months are going to be harder than others. Being persistently sad, angry or unhappy is another story though.

My mom always said that if you cry more than you laugh in a relationship, maybe it is no longer the time to be with that person. The person you are with should uplift you and be someone you have a good time with - not someone who makes you cry more often than not.

6. "We accept the love we think we deserve."

From the wise words of "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower," "We accept the love we think we deserve."

I have seen countless relationships, movies and shows that depict this lesson.

I feel as though people will often stay in relationships because they are "settling," or because they think it is the best they can do. This is a direct reflection of themselves.

If you love someone and they do not give you the affection you want, you begin to believe you do not deserve that affection. You're not doing enough in your mind.

If you love someone and they hurt you, you continue letting it happen. You rationalize that behavior.

Put yourself on a pedestal. You deserve to be loved properly.

7. Just because you lose someone, that does not mean it is a loss.

I have experienced this myself. I truly had a fun time with this one boy I met at school. We were best friends and hung out all the time. We spent every day together. I really liked him, and he liked me back. We were inseparable.

The downfall was the fact that we were never on the same page. He distracted me from my studies. His goals didn't align with mine.

These downfalls of the relationship caused me so much stress and so many nights without sleep that I ended things. Ending things felt like the end of an era. I was losing my best friend, but I came to realize that it really is no loss.

It is not a loss because I gained so much more. When I finally let that stress go, I gained a sense of independence, confidence and security within myself and my studies.

8. A little goes a long way.

One of the major keys in a relationship is appreciating the little things.

It is not always about anniversaries, dates and flaunting your relationship on social media. Sometimes it is just them sending you something online and saying it reminded them of you. It's having them continue to open the door for you or even creating inside jokes with them.

Sometimes we like to make it seem like our relationships are these extravagant, out of this world experiences. But really, it is just two people who share a love for one another. Be generous to them with your time, your care and your efforts.

It's not about the recognition or the material things.

9. Loyalty is a necessity, not a luxury.

It's as simple as this: Being committed to one person you love is easy. If it's not easy, it's not love!

You shouldn't have to fight for someone to stay loyal and devoted to you. You should expect it and get it with no ifs, ands or buts.

10. Communication is key.

We have all heard this a thousand times. Communication is pivotal. From talking about your day all the way to talking about your deepest feelings. Holding things back holds a relationship back.

It is important to talk to each other and to become comfortable when it comes to everything you guys find it important to talk about.

It is equally as important to listen to each other too. You should make it a point to listen to your significant other, to understand them, not just to respond to them.

11. Have mutual trust, respect and boundaries

These concepts all go hand and hand.

It is extremely important to trust your partner with your whole existence. You should trust them to be respectful, loyal and to make sure they are doing their best to uphold the values of your relationship.

That trust also needs to be reciprocated. If one person does not trust the other, feelings of jealousy and resentment will become apparent in the relationship.

Finally, you should trust and respect your partner's boundaries. You should use safe words and talk about what you do not want to see in the relationship dynamic, what you consider cheating and so on.

There should be no place for dishonesty or disrespect within a unit.

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