A Guide To All Things Bougie
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A Guide To All Things Bougie

A lifestyle of uber-fabulousness.

A Guide To All Things Bougie

In life, there are some people that one comes into contact with, and their existence screams fabulousness. Everything they are and do is ah-mazing and people cannot help but wish to be them. For example, Olivia Palermo, Amal Clooney, Kate Middleton, Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are all incredible women that I personally aspire to be because they are actual goals and iconic. These women are educated, well traveled, cultured, talented, and are beyond astonishing. Being bougie is a lifestyle that is truly embodied within a person, it is not usually taught because it comes naturally. It is also not simply a mixture of being a diva and a basic betch, as some believe; it is something else entirely. These people often break boundaries and make a significant impact on the world. The following are things that make up and complete said bougie lifestyle.

Accomplishments: This lifestyle is filled with success and predetermined goals that often become a reality. These people are usually passionate about something and often dabble in a bunch of other things because being well rounded is key.

Iced beverages: Iced coffee and tea are usually prominent in this life to keep these people succeeding. These drinks are either extremely simple or incredibly specific.

Brunch: This is a religion, practiced all weekend or lazy days, filled with French pastries, frittatas, avocado toast, and bottomless mimosas or sparkling water in hotel restaurants. Pro tip: all the food should be organic, non-GMO, farm to table, and gluten-free for extra bougieness.

Travel: This is an absolute essential; this lifestyle is international and always open to new things, so travel is a necessity. Someone bougie can usually converse in at least two languages and they travel to Europe whenever possible if they do not already own a property there. Side note: Europe is the mecca for all things bougie, from accents to tea, to shopping and vacationing; one can find the best of everything. However, Asia is another huge destination for exotic foods, gorgeous sightseeing, and great beauty products.

Attitude and appearance: A person of this level usually has this certain air and je ne sais quoi about them that is part intimidating, alluring, confident, bored, and carefree. These people take pride in looking good and their hair is usually spectacular. They also have an amazing walk, turn heads always, and are 100 percent silk.

Sunglasses: This accessory is more than an essential; bougie people are always wearing sunglasses. This includes indoors and even when it’s raining or snowing as they prevent wrinkles and glare, hide puffiness or other impurities, come in all different styles and colors, and make it easier to judge others or ignore everyone.

Fashion: Luxury goods and having a sense of style is a major part of the bougie lifestyle because fashion is art that helps represent and express who a person is while making one look unbelievable. In addition, these people don’t usually follow trends because they make their own and they know what looks good on them and adhering to what everyone else likes is not bougie; however, if they like something they will incorporate it into their wardrobes. It will of course fit in flawlessly and they will wear it their own way.

The list goes on and on but generally these people stand out and appreciate everything life has to offer. That’s why they travel, become educated, and try to make a difference. Everyone can inspire and be bougie by just enjoying some of the great, indulgent, and extra things that are available in the world. For more information about this lifestyle, watch HRHCollection on YouTube for a more attainable bougie lifestyle, watch Made in Chelsea to see a snobby and overdone bougie lifestyle, or watch "Frasier" for some sophisticated adult bougieness. Also, remember that anyone can live a bougie lifestyle if they so choose; however, some are just born with this certain something and always dream big and keep high standards.

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