15 Things To Do For Your S.O If You Are Both Too Broke

Christmas can be a hectic time for people, especially when you want to find your S.O. the perfect gift but you're on a tight budget.

Make sure your S.O. knows that this time of year is about love, friendship, and kindness. Any of these 15 gifts or gestures will be winners in your S.O.'s heart.

1. A special DIY gift. 

2. A homemade dinner and movie night. 

3. A *Insert S.O Name* Kit. 

4. A new book from a downtown bookstore. 

5. Purchase a fun, personality mug and fill it to the brim with his/her favorite candy. 

6. Write a heartfelt note. 

7. Buy a cheap mason jar and begin saving for an adventure. 

8. A spontaneous photo shoot. 

9. Bake cookies and fix hot cocoa. 

10.  A framed photo. 

11.  A personalized flask or cuzzi. 

12.  Talk about memories. 

13.  Bake various types of desserts. 

14.  Cuddle for hours. 

15.  Go on a drive. 

Money doesn't have to be an issue! Show that special someone you care in different ways!

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