How To Be A Boss B*tch
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How To Be A Boss B*tch

We are all capable of being queens in our lives.

How To Be A Boss B*tch

Females are divine creatures of light, whose warmth and cunning has always gotten them through life with getting what they desire. We are meant to be adored for our determination and whoever stands in our way gets the boot. I know many passionate women who don't know their own power or willfulness; stress from the never ending stream of everyday life sticks them in a rut, cut off from their natural feminine connection and power. In other words, they don't have time to realize how of a boss they are. For all my beautiful, powerful, and intuitive women out there, here's simple five tips on being a boss b*tch.

Get in touch with yourself.

With trying to fit together the never ending puzzle of working, going to school, family, and friends, it can be easy to turn off that little voice inside ourselves that guides us and tells us what is right and what is wrong, what is important and what is not. Taking a few minutes out of our day to relax and be mindful of what we truly want and desire deep down inside can give us the confidence to pursue those dreams, and cast off the items that don't feel right, and frankly, don't deserve to be on the agenda. Follow your intuition and treat it as your oldest friend.

Set boundaries.

A powerful woman can be the life force that everyone around her feeds off of; after all, her confidence and determination is truly inspiring. While its not wrong to help the ones in our lives to do their best and give them that extra push, you have to know when it starts to take a toll on yourself. Its okay to say no to going out, its okay to say no to helping someone study, and its okay to know when to no longer be an emotional crutch for a friend or family member. Your feelings and inspiration comes first at this age; it is okay to be selfish with our time and energy and set boundaries.

Take care of yourself.

Your body is a temple where your soul lives and thrives off of. You are doing yourself no favors if you are constantly consuming junk, not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep, and not exercising at least every now and then. At first, tackling all these healthy habits may seem like a hassle, but once started it is easy to get used to following these rules for yourself. Take care of yourself!! You will look good, feel amazing about yourself, have extra energy to dedicate yourself with passion to your life, and the ones around you will respect you when they see how much you respect yourself.

Humor yourself.

Don't ignore the interests you have and the activities you want to try, even if the ambition to do certain things only lasts for a day. Follow every little branch of passion you have; indulge yourself! Treat yourself as a child obsessed with one thing one moment and then on to the next. Try different things, establish hobbies for yourself. Doing this can open up doors to interests and passions you might have your whole life, that genuinely bring you happiness and fulfillment. Live your life with fulfillment, and topics for conversation with all the little trinkets of interest you have experienced!

Be gracious.

Be gracious and kind to others; recognize that everyone is a soul on a different path to their own fulfillment. Not everyone is the same; nor blessed the same. Treat everyone with equal kindness; know when to speak up and when to be silent; know when to give credit where it is due; know when to offer help with no expectation of any acknowledgement. Say your please and thank you's; try not to be boastful or tactless. Follow the moments of each day with a smile on your face and hello's to hand out to the faces you come across. Live your life as your mother would want you to; live it with positively and a sense of graciousness and humility.

We are all capable of living passionately and purposefully. We are all capable of being queens of our lives. We just need to embrace the most out of every aspect and moment of life, remembering what is important. Stay bossy, my friends. :)

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