I enjoy summer as much as the next person. Longer days full of sunshine, warm weather, and all kinds of fun outdoor activities -- summertime is just full of different things to do. But even in the midst of all the summertime fun, I still find myself bored some days. Without schoolwork to keep me constantly busy, I don't always know how to fill all my new free time. So the days when I have absolutely nothing to do, and I am bored out of my mind, usually go like this.

A lot of mornings I start out thinking I should try to cook something new. So, like a lot of people, I head over to Pinterest to find a new recipe. After a few failed attempts, I remember why I don't do this more often. It never turns out the way it is supposed to!

Sometimes I think I should get some sort of physical activity. This usually ends in me finding a YouTube video that tries to teach you how to dance.

But sadly, I am terribly uncoordinated and completely fail at following along with the people in the videos. I will just never understand how to dance like that. Just because I can't do those dance moves on the video does not stop me from having my own dance party! It's just slightly less impressive and not at all attractive.

By now it is usually afternoon. I am wanting to get out of the house and do something. But fist, like any girl, I have to try on a million different outfits and such before I can even think about going out in public where I might see people I know.

I think of all these awesome and exciting things to do outside. I get ready and head outside only to remember why I do not go out more often. Living in the South is great, but the afternoon temperatures can be a nit much sometimes.

When I finally get out of the house, I usually end up somewhere that has air conditioning, like at a mall or a library. I always end up staring at the artwork in these places. Trying to find the meaning and purpose behind some of these pieces can be really challenging.

I think the worst part about days filled with boredom is that, according to social media, it seems like I am the only one with no life. Scrolling through tons of Facebook statuses, Instagram posts, and tweets all full of my friends fun summertime adventures got me like:

After spending a few hours just wandering around different stores, I go back home and resume my life of boredom, which will most likely continue tomorrow. All I have to say for myself is, at least I am consistent, and I will be well rested for school to return in August -- hopefully (but probably not).