Because I'm an only child, I face boredom all the time. Both my parents worked while I was growing up, so I was always home alone for hours after school. Sometimes I used to go outside and play with my friends, but the weather wasn't always favorable or they had other plans. I couldn't even drive back then, so I had to come up with new ways to keep myself occupied.

Here are some of the things I did back then that we all still can today when we are bored out of our minds.

1. Read a book

Get all comfy in bed or sit by the window sill and open up a whole new world. The book will take you places like never before and time will pass by so fast. You can reread one of your favorites or start a new one. There are so many books you can read online for free.

2. Bring out the Picasso in you

You don't need a whole canvas or some fancy paint. Make a sketch in a notebook or some printer paper. Bring out those Crayola markers and color pencils and doodle your mind away. You can make something for your bedroom/dorm wall or something to decorate your school binder with.

3. Time to finally clean your room

I know this one isn't too exciting but this is the perfect time to do it. And, you never know what you find while cleaning and that may very well help you pass time. Also, you can make the cleaning process fun. All those half-used water bottles we have in our rooms can make a fun game of basketball with the trashcan.

4. Facetime or call a friend

Catch up with a friend you haven't talked to you in a bit or hit up your best friend because you can never talk to them too much, right? You can even call grandma and ask her about her day. I can bet you that she'll be the happiest person ever.

5. Try out a new recipe

Being home alone means mom isn't home to yell about the mess. Pull out the recipe book or look something up online and get started. If you know you're parents aren't coming home until the evening, try to make

6. Binge watch a TV show

You can rewatch the classics like Friends or even start a new show. Don't forget to grab your snacks before you get all comfy and start watching because nothing sucks more than having to get back up again.

7. Start a DIY project

DIY projects are so much fun and you can get plenty of inspiration from Instagram and the Internet. Make something for your room, to give as a present, or even for school, The options are endless!

8. Online shopping

Sit on your laptop and go on a shopping spree. Check out the deals some of the stores have. Grab that free shipping or BOGO deal!

9. Do your nails

Pick out your favorite color or go with a theme for an upcoming season or holiday. You should try some intricate designs, like the ones we all see on our Instagram Explore pages.

10. Party time

Take those earbuds out and blast some music from your speakers out loud and dance your heart away. No one is watching you anyway so move those hips all way.