The Book You *Need* To Read During Quarantine
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The Book You *Need* To Read During Quarantine

This book is all about learning to live, even during the most difficult of times, which I know we can all relate to right now.

The Book You *Need* To Read During Quarantine
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Sadie Robertson Huff has always been someone that I look up to. She's only a little over a year older than me but, ever since I started seeing her family in the media with the start of their "Duck Dynasty" fame, she seemed like a healthy role model for people to see in the entertainment industry.

It's very rare to see someone handle Hollywood life not only with grace and poise, but also with the unashamed lifestyle of a gal who loves Jesus. Nevertheless, Sadie has always been truthful with her love of people and God while simultaneously being vulnerable with her followers about the difficulties of simply being a part of this world and living everyday life.

In her third book entitled "Live," she has continued to embody her role as a bestselling author. Not only is the book visually stunning in the marketing of its cover, page design, and overall production, but her words are just as palpable and necessary (especially during this time). I recognize that not everyone who will read this article is Christian, and that some of the biblical stories and advice may not seem applicable, but I can promise that it is.

If anything during this time, we all need hope. And why not explore even the glimpse of hope that Huff's book and the biblical stories within it could offer. I'm always one who looks for books that challenge my way of thinking, but also those that build my capacity for belief. While the book itself was released in January 2020, I didn't end up finding a copy available in-store until March 2020...a week before my university and the state itself shut down due to the pandemic.

Talk about timing.

And I'm definitely not one who believes that everything in life is left to a mere toss-up of coincidence.

I started the book while I was finishing up the school year, so I wasn't able to really dive in much until I finished the semester. However, once I actually had the time to read without worrying about impending assignments, I really tore through this book.

She decided to dedicate it to people who struggle to celebrate life. WOW. That was really impactful when I saw the dedication, because it can be increasingly difficult to even remember the non-worrisome parts of life now. For many, it feels like we've been in quarantine so long that thinking back on "normal" seems odd or otherworldly. No matter how blessed we may be, the slightest deviation from that can feel like a heart-wrenching loss that I think people often get lost in.

Throughout this book, Huff shares personal stories as well as biblical insight and passages. These chapters show everyday people who struggle with the hard trials of life, yet they persevere and ultimately triumph because of a common belief and faith behind it all - the inevitable goodness of God.

Below are five of my personal take-aways from "Live" by Sadie Robertson Huff:

1. "To remain alive, we have to continue even when things change and circumstances fall apart." (p. 2)

2. "If you let what you believe about yourself - and what other people believe about you - define your life, you'll never find out what you're capable of." (p. 24)

3. "Start looking for ways to spend your precious time on activities that educate, expand, and encourage you - things that give you life instead of death." (p. 34)

4. "'If you're carrying the football, you're going to get tackled.' Sometimes we want to just put the football down so we won't get tackled, but that is not the life God invites us to live." (p. 67)

5. "Love bridges the gap between people. We're supposed to invite people into our space and help them feel like they belong...Be a part of the life in the room...Unite instead of divide. Welcome instead of intimidate." (p. 88)

And there's plenty more uplifting wisdom where that came from! Purchase Sadie's latest book from almost any bookseller you can think of and start reading! I promise you're not likely to regret the joy its words spring up within you.

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