If you love to read, chances are you tell everyone about it. Whether that's recommending new books to people or simply telling all your friends about a great new book you just read, you are always willing to share about the exciting new books you're discovering.

Another great way to share your love of reading is to slap some stickers about reading onto your Hydroflask! People usually only put stickers on their Hydro if it means something to them, so they are a great way to show people that you love to read. Here are some of the cutest stickers to put on your Hydro to make you more of a bibliophile than you already are.

1. This sticker which basically represents your entire bookshelf.


This is how you describe all the books that mean the most to you. These books are definitely your absolute favorites.

2. The sticker for when you need to introduce yourself.


You should definitely not be disturbed while you're reading. There's really no question about it.

3. The sticker that describes how you feel about every book-to-movie adaptation.


You have to bite your tongue to keep from saying these four words at every book-to-movie adaptation you've seen.

4. This sticker that shows the true genius of Shakespeare.


Next time anyone says Shakespeare is boring and the dialogue makes no sense, just show them this sticker.

5. This sticker that shows the beauty that comes from reading.


Books can truly lead to a world of beauty, and this sticker expresses that.

6. This sticker that honors a childhood hero.


Matilda was probably one of the first books you ever read, so this sticker is a great way to remember such a great story.

7. This sticker which shows the state of your bedroom floor.


You have just so many books, there's no way you can keep them all organized!

10. This sticker which helps you describe yourself best.


This sticker is especially useful to explain just exactly how much you love books.

11. This sticker which is one of the greatest quotes from any book ever.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the best books ever written, and this is one of the best quotes from the book.

12. This sticker which is what you say to yourself every time you're reading


You tell yourself this every time you've been reading for three hours and really need to go to bed.

13. This sticker which perfectly describes your weekend plans.


The only plans you have for Saturday night are curling up in a blanket with a good book and a huge mug of cocoa.

14. This sticker which shows the one thing you will never, ever say.


There is no time in your life ever when you can honestly say that you have enough books. There will always be more.

15. This sticker which is the most aesthetic pile of books ever.


The cup of tea/coffee/cocoa (whatever you want, really) makes it so much better.

16. This sticker which reminds you of one of the best Disney princesses ever.


Truly, Belle was one of the biggest influencers of you wanting to read books.

17. This sticker which is a really beautiful sentiment.


How awesome is it to live so many different lives? And it all comes from reading.

18. This sticker which reminds you to never give up.


If you really care about your book, you won't quit.

19. This sticker which is, yet again, what you say to yourself, but more aesthetic.


It's a lot harder for you to say this to yourself since it looks so pretty.

20. And this sticker, which includes a very popular statement and a reference to one of the greatest books ever written.


You should throw in a little bit of Jay Gatsby into your opinions just to add a little bit of flair.