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An Outstanding Look On Life

A book for those who seek a new look on love, faith, and life.


I recently read a book called "Green Bananas", which is written from the words of an Augustinian brother who was quadriplegic. His unique situation gives him a perspective on life and religion unlike any other.

Father Bill is an idealization of what people would hope for Catholics to be, and his exceptional acts of truth, unity, and love further confirm his spot among some of the holiest of the generation. Whether it is because of his condition or despite it, Father Bill has seemingly boundless amounts of patience. There is an outburst at a Pancake House that shows Bill's coolness under pressure and his ability to take other people's anger and melt it away into calm and understanding. Even Steve (the man who actually wrote the book), a man who has spent years with Bill, is shocked and almost indignant over the collected response. It is in this way that Steve acts as a foil to Father Bill. For every outburst or moment of indignation from Steve, there is a moment of quiet, loving, and supportive advice from Bill to balance him out.

His continuous Job-like patience over time is a true testament of his faith, and it offers insight to Steve and anyone reading the book. His quick thoughts about faith on page 136 show the ins and outs of what Father Bill believes and how he has kept his faith throughout his life. It is in his acknowledgment of his imperfections that he is a role model for believers and non-believers alike. All of his talks on faith culminate with his poem on page 95, which outlines his innermost thoughts and feelings towards his relationship with God. Steve is, in a way, a doubting Thomas, but Father Bill understands this and, rather than chastising him, tries to share his reasoning for his own faith. Until his dying day, he tries to see God as an entity that is near him in his every word and thought, rather than a deity that is far-removed.

The book is heartwarming and a unique take on living out Christianity while facing an uphill battle with faith. Steve openly acknowledges his shortcomings in terms of his faith, but it is through his relationship with Father Bill that his faith blossoms and grows. The book has a heavy Christian overtone, but that does not mean that its message would be lost on someone who is Atheist or Agnostic. Aside from the emphasis on faith, Father Bill gives poignant lessons of family, friendship, and various life ideals. Father Bill's words of wisdom and love that are presented in the book show that no matter what, God can provide strength.

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