8 Times 'The Bold Type' Reminded Us What It Means To Be A Girl Boss
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8 Times 'The Bold Type' Reminded Us What It Means To Be A Girl Boss

Season Three premiered on April 9th, so here are some reminders of what it means to be a girl boss from the one and only Women of the Bold Type.

8 Times 'The Bold Type' Reminded Us What It Means To Be A Girl Boss

If you are not familiar with "The Bold Type", here are the basics. Three Friends, Kat, Jane, and Sutton work at a magazine called Scarlet, which is how they met. They are navigating the tough streets of finding yourself, chasing your dreams and staying true to who you are in New York City. Sutton is trying to make it in the fashion world, but she is also in love with Richard, who is 15 years her senior, and on the board of Scarlet. Kat is the department chair of Scarlet's social media, and not only is she breaking down those barriers she also is trying to navigate her love life.

And then there is Jane, who use to read Scarlet when she was younger, she stated in her interview to be an intern "It's kind of why I fell in love with Scarlet, because when I needed it, it was like getting advice from an older sister that I always wished I had." When Jane started writing full time for Scarlet, she stayed true to that. After Jane was at Scarlet, left for a different Job, and then came back she reminds us of this very important lesson. "The Bold Type" is more than a TV show, it is empowering women and it is teaching us the important lessons and reminders that every girl, women and girl boss needs to remember. These are the lessons from the Women of "The Bold Type."

1. When Sutton dropped her guy for her dreams


Sutton decided on two different occasions that no matter how much she loved Richard, her career could not be sacrificed for love. She broke up with him in order to maintain her image that she worked hard for what she conquered not that it was given to her because of who she slept with. And then there was the whole shaming from the fashion interns over the almost-relationship with Alex, but Sutton still stayed true to her talent and put the fashion interns gossip to rest. Sutton should us all that no matter what, that you can't give up on your dreams even if it is for a very successful and carrying guy.

2. When Jane didn't give up on being unemployed


Being unemployed is rough. Especially when you get fired after a TV interview on national television, and then being rejected from your old job, that really sucks. But tiny Jane didn't give up, she kept going, she went to interview after interview until she found a start. Jane didn't give up, she kept trying and eventually after she had grown as a writer she made her way back to her dream job at Scarlett.

3. They covered the tough issues


One of the reasons why "The Bold Type" is so popular is because they talked about the tough things that women go through every day. Such as when Jane found out she carried the BRCA gene, or when Jaquelin opened up about her sexual assault, even when Kat addressed being a lesbian or the first black department head at Scarlet. Sutton even opened up about living with an acholic mother, or not being super rich that really helps register with girl bosses all over because unlike other tv shows in the past, the bold type relatable making it even more inspiring.

4. Kat was outspoken and broke the social norms


Kat is a boss. She doesn't care what people think, she kept pushing for what she believed in. She reminds us that being strong-willed is not a bad thing, in fact, it got her where she was because she never took no as an answer. Kat faced a lot of diversity, like falling in love with Adena who was her own definition of pushing the social norms to the max. However, Kat never once apologized who she was, even when she made mistakes she always stayed true to her beliefs.

5. Jacqueline showed us what it means to be the OG Girl Boss


There is one thing you cannot deny, Jacqueline is the OG girl boss. She is strong, passionate, inspiring and totally on top of her life. She works while walking on the treadmill in heels none the less, she keeps pushing not only herself but her staff and she never accepts being told she cannot do something. Jaqueline also has gone through a lot, she was sexually harassed by an older staffer at one of her first jobs, and although it was a painful experience she used it to keep the conversation going, to inspire others to speak out. Jacqueline always had advised that the viewers and the girls on the bold type always needed to hear. She is powerful, and she reminds us what it means to be a girl boss.

6. They stayed true to real women


If there was one line I heard more times than I can count in "The Bold Type", it was something along the lines of focusing on real people and not just models. They did a whole spread on real men, and then a whole issue on real women, they even did a photo shoot of jewelry not on models but on Sutton, Kat, and Jane themselves. They showed the true side of not having photoshopped models in magazines and actually real women to represent the real women that read them.

7. They reminded us how important having people to support you is


No matter what, the girls always supported each other. It didn't matter if the girls had different opinions, they had each other's backs. Even when it came to really tough issues, like Kat and Jane finding out about Sutton dating Richard, or when Sutton and Jane didn't see eye to eye about Sutton having a gun in their apartment. They always would come together in the end. They showed us how important it is to have a group of girl boss friends, even if you find them later in life, they still will always have your back.

8. They Unleashed Holy Hell on anyone who tried to hold them back


At the end of the first episode, Jaqueline gave a speech to the staff of Scarlet, and she said one of the most powerful lines ever said on television (In my opinion anyways). She said, "And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back..." This line gave me chills, and it stayed true through every episode of "The Bold Type." The girls never stopped unleashing holy hell on anyone who stood in their way, even Jaqueline lived up to her own advise. And that is why they continue to remind us why they are girl bosses, they never let anything stand in their way of what they want.

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