Interview: Stella Williams Talks All About Maintaining A Trust With Her Audience & More!
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Interview: Stella Williams Talks All About Maintaining A Trust With Her Audience & More!

I am a Stella Williams stan first, everything else follows

Interview: Stella Williams Talks All About Maintaining A Trust With Her Audience & More!
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After talking to Stella Williams I feel rejuvenated and ready to accomplish my dreams and buy an entire new wardrobe from these brands she recommended. I hope you guys love this conversation as much as I do! Stella Is truly creating such important content, and is keeping it one hundred with her audience, which you have to respect.

Hi Stella! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! To start us off would you mind telling my readers a bit about you and the content that you create?

Thank you so much for having me! Yes, my name is Stella Williams and I am a model and content creator. I create video content like an Instagram story, so I cover many topics, but most people come to me for clothing reviews first so they can comfortably get a little shopping done with better expectations.

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Being a plus size woman myself, your content and the way you create a space that feels welcoming and genuine has been such a breath of fresh air; what would you say is the message you hope to spread with the content you're creating?

I am grateful that plus size women, like yourself, feel the safe space I’ve created in my content. I would say that starts with me as the creator, choosing real over relationships.I know my content spreads the message of being who you are and being ok with that, no matter what the world’s opinion may be. Whether it’s flaunting your curves in a way that celebrates the parts you used to hide, speaking up on what is important to you, just be you. It may be difficult to be myself in front of millions, but the relationship with my community has always been first and my main focus. We have a little system, and sometimes the videos get out of our bubble. But hey, that's the internet.

You founded Curve Haul, along with My Bikini Body; what is your goal with those movements? 

Our main focus with Curve Haul is to continue having a platform where mid-plus size people have a platform to be featured and celebrated in spaces they may not be “qualified” for. Limitations on people would be, follower count, content they create, or other bias’ creators face. We decided to say forget that, and celebrate those who at least try. Do you know the strength it takes to put yourself out there? So many people are making that leap every day, my job is to find them and let them know they’re doing well and keep going. My favorite is all the brand deals the girls have gotten so far from the seed of Curve Haul. They’re really living out their dreams and I’m super proud of them.

With My Bikini Body, my goal is to celebrate that everybody is a bikini body. I have no issues, or see any issues with wearing a bikini myself. When I was 345 I wore a bikini on TikTok and got called “ a whale in a bikini”. That comment sparked this movement. Their perception of me was supposed to break me, but it empowered me. I didn’t see what they saw, because it wasn’t my truth. After sharing that story, it feels so good to let plus size people have a better body celebration experience with a quick repost in a safer space.

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Having a platform and going viral has many perks of course, but it also comes with its share of downfalls. The main one that I can think of being the hate comments; how do you move past things like that and keep creating? What mindset do you have to be in? 

Going viral is the goal for a lot of creators, and I keep telling them to “STOP!” When I first started my career in 2016, I did ANYTHING to be viral. I paid an actor friend to be my YouTube boyfriend at the height of couples channels, I made videos screaming because I was told “ that gets attention”, I made a joke of myself online so people would talk. Not only is it embarrassing, but it’s so inauthentic, for what? A viral video. Frankly, I lost all trust with my followers in April 2018 because of inauthenticity. It took me almost a year to build their trust back, and when I did, I made a promise to myself to be as authentic as I possibly can. If they like me, cool, if they don’t, cool. But my life is so much more than someone’s entertainment. I had to tell myself I am worthy of making a real impact for the things I believe in without being “ the wild funny fat girl”. Moving past hate comments now is so easy because I know what I post is my honest truth and no one can take that away from me. I have built the courage to stand by what I say. Also, since we’re speaking of honesty, the fat comments over the years have built me a very thick skin. The balance to that is self love and an awesome community of people to talk with. You have to focus on the “why” instead of the “what” you gain. The sweetest part is the messages of the positive impact my community makes.

You’ve spoken a lot about how fashion, in a general sense, isn’t size inclusive, but what are some brands that you think have hit the mark and are somewhere you’d recommend to shop?  

I love inclusive brands! Some of my favorite quality brands are Rebdolls, Skims, Parade, C’EST D, and Alpine Butterfly Swim. At this time, inclusivity could overlook someone’s budget. Amazon has a great selection of budget-friendly inclusive clothing too!

When you look at both your TikTok and YouTube content, what do you think sets those videos apart from each other? Do you think that there’s a separate goal with each platform?

On my YouTube Channel and TikTok I don’t have separate goals for them, but I feel differently towards the platforms. YouTube is incredibly curated and artsy. I can have no makeup, no hair done, and still reach my community on TikTok. I favor TikTok more for that reason. I have mastered being myself on YouTube through the expectation the platform culture has to have perfect lighting, hair, makeup, editing, etc.

Let’s talk about The BodCon! I love this concept and really am over the moon that something like this exists, can you tell my readers a bit about what the convention is and what your part in it this year will be?

I am so excited to be a part of BodCon this year! I know my followers appreciate a space to fully love themselves without the possibility of judgment from the rest of the world. I will be a part of the “My Body is not a Fashion Trend” panel. I am so excited to talk about the conversations around the “bbl era” being over and “thin is in”. Maintaining self-love through this cultural transition is going to be vital, I am excited to hopefully inspire a few that just because acceptable bodies are changing in society, you are still worthy as you are.

Find all information about The BodCon here!

The Bodcon

Speaking briefly on the Jordyn Woods situation, why do you think it’s so important that regardless of the idea of backlash from a brand or its supporters, that it’s important to be honest with your audience when reviewing a product? 

I believe it’s MOST important to be honest with your audience first and always. As fashion influencers, we get a lot of products to recommend. People are trusting us with their hard earned money to let them know if something is worth it. Honesty has taken me further in my career than any ass kissing I've done. When I lay my head on my pillow at night I am rested in the fact I don’t sell out to any brand and I did my work with integrity. These moments take me back to 2018 when I lost everything due to being inauthentic. That will always hurt more than a company or its supporters being mad at me. My followers are grateful that I spoke up and reiterated that’s why they follow me, for truth and honesty. This is their money! The community matters over any brand or creator trying to persuade otherwise.

Just wrapping it up, what can readers look forward to from you as we continue into this new year? 

I am so excited that 2023 has started my International Traveling while Fat series! We just got done exploring Paris and London. There are so many fears around being a bigger person experiencing the world and I am showing how it’s not as scary as you might think. Another way to unlock freedom for people in their own lives. Next, we’re headed to Mykonos, Greece to do some bikini content overseas!I am also very excited to be heading to Nashville in May to work with Bunches, the app I group text my followers on.

This year is really just starting and I can’t wait to see where it takes me, but I’m grateful for where I am today. I couldn’t ask for a better experience of life and I’m honored I have a groove, even if all may not agree. My favorite quote, and first tattoo, is from Kenneth Soares “and you’re doing good”. We just have to keep doing good in the world. The good will always outshine the dark. Thank you for having me.

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