No, Bitcoin Isn't A Pyramid Scheme

Lots of news outlets such as the Financial Times, have often dabbed around the legitimacy of Bitcoin. Also few financial analyst also argued against the crypto. However with confidence, I can say that Bitcoin isn't a pyramid scheme. Bitcoin utilizes a new technology that is able to be based against a standard such as MD5 hashes in order to speed up the transaction process between sites or point of sale systems. The price can also be stabilized through mining or market demand. Bitcoin, just like all other cryptocurrencies, is a commodity. It involves utilizing computational mathematics and have some sort of standard by its script of proof algorithm.

Also cryptocurrencies may even be more financial stable then actual fiat currencies if it became more widely accepted. The reason being is that the risk of inflation and hyperinflation can be less unstable due to mining and computational power. Also even though investing in a crypto can be risky, the returns can be astronomical if you invest in the write one. I myself develop applications in the Blockchain, and the logistics, hard work, and hurdles one must endure to support this technology isn't child's play. Bitcoin just like everything else is a commodity with a perceived market value based on the demand it created on how it processes transactions.

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