Last week I went to see a movie that deserves so much more recognition. Advertisement for this movie should be on billboards across the country. There should be a movie poster for it on every block in every neighborhood and it should be advertised at least once during every commercial break for every show that is played on every television station! I know that is a lot to demand, but this movie really deserves it. It's fantastic! The movie I'm praising is called "Blindspotting". It was released on July 20th and was directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada. It was produced by Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal who also play the main characters in the film. Actor, rapper, singer, and writer Daveed Diggs (known from the musical Hamilton) and acclaimed poet Rafael Casal did amazing in this movie. I was able to really connect with their characters; especially Diggs' character Collin.

This film addresses many issues minorities; especially Black people, are facing today and have been facing for years. Such issues are gentrification, police brutality, guns, negative racial stereotypes, and issues with the prison system. The n-word is also addressed and the concept of who can and can't use it is challenged. I really appreciated that part of the film. The movie stylistically addresses these issues by not just making it a drama but also incorporating comedic elements and music into it. The parts where Diggs would rap during a situation, to me, took it to another level. The movie also reveals how someone such as Casal's character, who is technically considered a minority in the environment he is in, could feel about issues such as gentrification.

This movie is different from many that I have seen so far. It doesn't just deal with one topic or addresses one real-world problem. It takes on so many because one problem usually connects with another. In my opinion, you can't talk about one issue without talking about another. Diggs' character Collin made me reflect on myself a bit. I thought about how much I can be stereotyped just based on my outer appearance and how I go through life consciously being aware of this. Just as Collin tries his hardest to not act a certain way, do certain things or have certain things because of his skin color, I know that many people of color in real life do the same. I know that when I'm out in public I sometimes think about what I can't do or say because if I do, being a Black woman, it would most likely have a negative reaction.

Everyone should see this film; regardless of race and gender. It's a great movie that deserves Oscars! Just so you know, it also has a little bit of a negative view toward hipsters.