Re-Casting 'The Office' With The Opposite Gender
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Re-Casting 'The Office' With The Genders Swapped

What would the cast of The Office be if they swapped genders?

Re-Casting 'The Office' With The Genders Swapped

"The Office" is one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time, even though the show has been over for a few years it's still as popular and quotable as ever.

I almost wish I've never seen "The Office" before just so I can see it again for the first time.

But here's a solution to the problem wishing we can start the show over again: recasting the show with each character played by the opposite gender.

Gender-swapping in pop culture is becoming a new trend today. It's all over the fan-fiction websites, it's been done in popular forms such as "Ghostbusters", "Doctor Who" and "Adventure Time", and the straight-up testosterone-fueled dislike of it that internet trolls can barely hide anymore is glorious!

That's why I dream of an Office reboot with all of the characters genders swapped. It'll be refreshing and rewarding for both die-hard fans and those few who've never seen it before.

With that said, here is my dream cast for a brand new Office series with the opposite genders.

Michael Scott: Tina Fey


Who else can fill the shoes of a godlike Michael Scott than a goddess like Tina Fey? Everything she touches turns to gold and has already created the blueprint for success in comedy today. She's already been the lead in an iconic 21st-century comedy in "30 Rock" and even co-starred with Steve Carrell in the movie "Date Night". It also helps that she was the writer of "Mean Girls" and the creator of the Netflix's "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" starring Ellie Kemper, who played Erin on The Office.

Dwight Schrute: Amy Poehler


How can we not have a Tina Fey led show without Amy Poehler? Their chemistry in everything from SNL to movies to award shows has been impeccable, and it'd be perfect for Poehler to be the Dwight Schrute to Fey's Michael Scott. When "Parks and Recreation" first premiered some accused it as a knock-off of "The Office", but Poehler's performance as Leslie Knope helped that show branch out into its own thing and one of the best sitcoms of the past decade.

Jim Halpert: Emily Blunt


It's only fitting to have the character that made John Krasinski a star played by his real-life wife Emily Blunt. Blunt has been in movies going all the way back to "The Devil Wears Prada" and has been in every type of film genre from action to sci-fi to rom-com to horror, like her husband's hit flick "The Quiet Place."

Pam Beesly: John Mulaney


Finding a male Pam was actually hard because I had to pick a male comedian who is young and handsome, and most comedians are comedians because they're old and ugly. That was until I found John Mulaney, whose thriving in comedy right now in collaborations with Nick Kroll. He just has the right combination of good looks and decent comedic timing to be the male version of Pam.

Andy Bernard: Kate McKinnon


Kate McKinnon has already starred in a gender-swap reboot of a popular medium in "Ghostbusters." On "The Office" she'd be great as the female Andy Bernard whose ego and try-hard personality is a mammoth of a role.

Kevin Malone: Melissa McCarthy


Kevin Malone would be the best character on any other show. His superbly dumb sound bites and hilarious expressions make belly laughs nearly every time. Academy Award nominee Melissa McCarthy has enough experience and talent to take on such a challenging role that's up there with Hamlet and Doctor Faustus in difficulty.

Kelly Kapoor: Aziz Ansari


Kelly Kapoor is young, emotional and charismatic every day on "The Office", and Aziz Ansari has the chops to be her male counterpart. Ansari has already played a comic relief character with a big ego as Tom Haverford on "Parks and Recreation". And, like Mindy Kaling, has a show of his own on the fantastic Netflix original series "Master of None".

Angela Martin: Paul Scheer


Best known as the punching bag character on the underrated sitcom "The League," Paul Sheer has the face that'd be perfect as the sensitive conservative male version of Angela.

Ryan Howard: Allison Brie


Allison Brie is only 35 and she's already been a recurring character in classic shows such as "Mad Men" and "Community", in recent years her time in the business has paid off as the star of the Netflix wrestling show "Glow" and a lead voice my favorite tv in the world, "BoJack Horseman." She's married to *jealous mumbling* Dave *mumbling* Franco.

Brie would be great as the female Ryan Howard and the chronicle of her rise from temp to boss to temp again would be phenomenal.

Stanley Hudson: Leslie Jones

While Leslie Jones may be more boisterous than the quieter Stanley Hudson, she can make the constant eye-roll and facial expressions that make Stanley a legend of Office supporting characters.

Phyllis Vance: John Goodman


One of the finest actors in the world, John Goodman can play a wide range of characters from lovable goof to a terrifying lunatic. Goodman would be great as the male version of Phyllis playing a middle-aged, soft-spoken employee whose awkward interactions with Michael Scott are to die for.

Meredith Palmer: Steve Buscemi


How could I not pick the guy who would play me in a movie to be in this new Office cast? With all due respect, Meredith is a gross, alcoholic employee who somehow keeps her job at The Office. And what actor would make a better gross alcoholic than Steve Buscemi? Buscemi is a phenomenal actor whose range is even wilder than John Goodman's. One year he's in an Adam Sandler flick and the next he's the star of a gritty HBO period piece. Seeing him play the male Meredith would make comedy gold.

Darryl Philbin: Issa Rae


Issa Rae is one of the best up-and-coming actresses in all of television as the star and creator of the fantastic HBO comedy "Insecure." Having her be the female Darryl would be a blessing.

Holly Flax: Jason Bateman


How can you recast "The Office" without having the star of the only sitcom of the 21st Century that's better than it (in my opinion) in "Arrested Development." Michael Bluth himself would make a great Holly Flax to play off of Tina Fey's Michael Scott and recreate so many beautiful moments of tears and joy.

Erin Hannon: Michael Cera


Michael Cera isn't young enough to play high school students anymore, but at least he can play an awkward receptionist as the male version of Erin!

Creed Bratton: Sigourney Weaver


It's too bad there aren't enough old ladies working in Hollywood not named Meryl Streep, but one of the better actresses still kicking around to play crazy old Creed is Sigourney Weaver. Weaver became a star in the Alien movies and continues to be a prominent actress today. She could totally pull off the mysterious and weird Creed who everyone loves.

Toby Flenderson: Kristen Wiig


Kristen Wiig is such an alpha comedian and actress that it's hard to picture her as the beta character like Toby, but I think that in itself is hilarious.

Oscar Martinez: Carrie Brownstein


Unfortunately, I couldn't find a Latina comedian to play the female version of Oscar, but I did find a gay comedian in Carrie Brownstein from "Portlandia." Brownstein would be great as the both the classy intellectual and goofball like she is on "Portlandia", and how she would do in Oscar's biggest episode "Gay Witch Hunt" would be fascinating to see.

David Wallace: Sarah Paulson


Sarah Paulson is one of the biggest television stars in the world today and is probably on her way to an Oscar, which is why I'd love for her to play a boss like David Wallace. Paulson has been great at playing strong authoritative figures like Marcia Clarke on "The People vs. OJ Simpson" and seeing her having to work with the wild characters on "The Office" would be a delight.

Jan : Nick Kroll


Jan's stark transformation from constantly annoyed boss to somehow getting into a relationship with Michael Scott is impressive, and Nick Kroll is the type of actor who can pull it off. Kroll is the star of his own sketch comedy called "Kroll Show" and was hilarious as a main character on "The League." He's also appeared in several movies both drama and comedy.

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