Life Is Better With A Younger Sibling, But If You Tell Them, It'll Go To Their Head

Life Is Better With A Younger Sibling, But If You Tell Them, It'll Go To Their Head

Because we all know they’re life’s most precious and demonic gift.

There is no doubt that having a younger brother or sister is the greatest gift in life. My younger brother is undeniably my prized possession, and being away from him during my first semester at college has made me realize his importance in my life.

Of course, younger siblings would not live up to their full potential if they were not a pain in the you-know-what 98 percent of the time, but the other two percent makes up for all of the annoyances. Upon the laundry list of reasons why having a younger sibling is life's biggest blessing, here are the most significant ones:

1. They want to be just like you

They’re your biggest fan and your loudest paparazzi, even on your worst of days. Though they probably won’t admit it, they’re watching every move you make: the restaurants you like, the subjects you excel in, the slang terms you use, etc.

As they get older, they want to participate in the exact activities you do, only they fear that they won’t do it as well as you. With their ripe, young minds, they create imaginary competition and strive to be just as good, if not better, as you in everything, obviously with the biggest heart and best intention.

2. You can blame your mistakes on them

This is probably the BEST part about having a younger sibling. Though they probably blame you for equally as many problems as you blame them for, they haven’t yet learned how to be sneaky like you are (unless they’ve learned from you all too well, that is).

While both you and your parents know who the real culprit is, it’s always fun to commit the crime and dodge the blame, no matter how old you are.

3. You can act like a child with them, but this time it's appropriate

Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all children at heart. Despite attempts to act mature and responsible, we all inevitably slip from time to time. When the urge of playing one round of Mario Kart Wii, having your hair brushed and braided or dancing and screaming to the most popular pop song of 2012 kicks in, it can not be left untreated.

The solution: convince your younger sibling to do it with you so that it seems socially acceptable and others compliment you for being such a caring older sibling. It works every time.

4. There is always someone to hangout with

We all have those days where our mood falls between not wanting to be social but also not wanting to be completely isolated. This is where younger siblings are the most useful.

They will be SO incredibly happy that you want to spend time with them that they will give you their undivided attention for all of eternity. This makes for a perfect movie marathon and popcorn kind of night, my favorite time to reflect on how lucky I am to have such a special relationship with my younger brother.

5. They will criticize you, but they will support you more than anyone

Contrary to popular belief, if you look up 'critic' in the dictionary, you will not find 'parent,' but will instead find 'sibling.' They know when to be blatantly honest, which is always, even when it hurts the most, but we know it's all out of love. Whether the outfit is too tight, the hair is too dirty or the project is worthy of a failing grade, the constructive criticism that stings will only help in the long run.

Aside from that, though, younger siblings are hands down our biggest supporters. Despite their not being able to do much, knowing that they are willing to do anything to protect you says just enough, that is, I love you. And it's all we older siblings ever need to hear.

If you have a younger sibling, hug them, thank them and tell them that you love them. And if you are a younger sibling, then know that you are loved.

Cover Image Credit: Arin Forstadt

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