11 Reasons Why Blair Waldorf Is A Good Role Model

11 Reasons Why Blair Waldorf Is A Good Role Model

"You deserve someone who would move mountains for you if he had to."

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Sooner or later, we all become enthralled in the world of "Gossip Girl." We imagine life on the upper east side, refreshing our palettes with fruity yogurt on the Met steps and hailing taxis for escort to our pretentious parties. The world is alluring, but what is even more alluring are the people, especially one Blair Waldorf. Although fictional, any woman can take pointers from the "dictator of taste" with her fabulous fashion, witty language and driven personality. This is why Blair Waldorf is a good role model.

1. She dresses for success.

Blair finds the perfect middle ground between sexy and serious. She is never provocative, nor prudent with her timeless fashion.

2. She is well spoken.

Blair is never at a loss for words, whether it's putting bratty high schoolers in their place or telling her man how it is. She says it eloquently, sternly and with just a sprinkle of sass.

3. She is cultured.

Blair is well versed in not only languages, but in culture too. She can talk Monet with the best of them.

4. She's strong.

She is Queen B after all! Feared by many, loved by those who matter and doesn't need a man to know who she is.

5. She is a trend setter.

Who doesn't love peonies and macaroons because of Blair?

6. She is the better half of a formidable power couple.

No prince of Monaco was good enough for Blair. She knows her self worth and found the perfect king to help her rule over the upper east side.

7. She's successful.

No matter what obstacle Blair encounters, she overcomes it. Sometimes her ways aren't the most ethical, but she manages to find her way down the straight and narrow in her Prada heels.

8. She's a tough love kind of friend.

Blair tells her friends like it is, which keeps them out of trouble. And let's not forget how she takes up for her own, talk about loyalty.

9. She's smart.

How else would she come up with her elaborate schemes and profound advice?

10. She knows what she wants.

And she takes it.

11. She's not perfect.

She makes her fair share of mistakes, but like us, she learns from them and grows to be a better person. Blair doesn't have life figured out and is no cookie cutter angel. She's raw. She's real. She's Blair Waldorf – an ideal role model.

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