One thing that sickens me the most is when one person or a group of people commit some terrible and violent action or injustice and the mainstream media refuses to call it exactly what it is. For example, when a Muslim extremist commits some terrible act of terrorism, the right side mainstream media will not hesitate to call it that but the leftish side will defend the terrorist. When a white guy commits a terrible act of terrorism (like Dylan Roof, for example) the leftish side of the mainstream media will be the first to condemn him while FOX News and the right side of the MSM spectrum will rush to defend him by saying that he was just crazy and that it wasn’t a hate crime. But the fact remains that no matter what race or religion you are, if you commit a disgusting crime with political or religious motivations, you are a terrorist. That’s the fundamental definition of terrorism.

Now I want to discuss the definition of a hate crime. A hate crime is “a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.” But despite this very fundamental dictionary definition of a hate crime, the majority of mainstream media outlets still refuse to either cover this or label it a hate crime. So, lets see if it fits the definition. In case you were unaware, last week in Chicago four black teenage thugs kidnapped a white mentally disabled Donald Trump supporter, took him to some undisclosed location, beat him up and tortured him for hours, and recorded the whole thing live on Facebook. But what were the motivations behind this ugly act of violence? Many of the mainstream media outlets pegged it as stupid kids doing stupid things. However, I feel that an explanation like that one really detracts from what these thugs were really trying to do.

Lets look at the facts. The video has surfaced online. In the video, the captors can be clearly heard saying, “fuck Donald Trump” and “fuck white people”. Don’t get me wrong, I think Donald Trump is, well, swine. But imagine just for a moment, if you will, that a group of white thugs had kidnapped a black person and they were screaming hideous phrases like “fuck blacks” and “fuck Obama”! You cannot tell me that if the roles were reversed, the white thugs would not be instantly condemned and black America would just accept it as “kids just being kids”. No, this is America. We do not have double standards here. If it is a hate crime when a group of white people do it, then it is a hate crime when a group of black people do it. These young African Americans are racist pigs just like the KKK and Donald Trump, whose ideology they claim to despise.

In the video they claim that they are taken vengeance because of what their ancestors have been through. While it is certainly respectable and admirable for one to stand up against racism and slavery (I do that myself), I am a big believer in the ideology that the sins of the father are NOT the son’s doing. Where I come from you punish the guilty, not the entire bloodline or race. There are good people and there are bad people of every race and these young individuals are the worst that the African Americans have to offer. This is really one of those rare clear-cut issues with not a lot of gray area to it. These kids are racists, so they committed a hate crime. It’s that simple. So when the mainstream media can start calling things as they are, we will stop having these issues.