Dear Black Men, Keep Black Women's Names Out Of Your Mouth
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Dear Black Men, Keep Black Women's Names Out Of Your Mouth

Donald Glover is indeed Childish and so is anyone who thinks like him.

Dear Black Men, Keep Black Women's Names Out Of Your Mouth
The Pro Black role associates black women to struggle and they (black men) appreciate them only in that context. They respect us when it comes to The Struggle but when it comes to who they want in their beds and show them off as trophy women on their arms, they don’t view black women as worthy in that aspect- anonymous

I think I speak for all black women when I say, “We don’t give a damn who you date, but keep our names out yo ashy mouth!” Who you sleep with and who you date is none of my business, but when you drag my name in it, it becomes my business.

I am tired. I am sick and tired of the abasement of black women. The black collective view of black women is dated. We are here to birth the revolution and that is it. Black love is shoved down our throats in the name of The Revolution. If we aren’t married our value as a woman drops faster than Bow Wow’s celebrity status. I’m tired of the constant essays, videos, and memes dedicated to the black women’s lack of submission and couth.

Black women have been degraded for years by our own people. Where are all the men in this? Check the stats. We aren’t good enough to build with, but we are expected to march for “unarmed” black men and black men who speak ill of us. Issa tired. We is tired.

Before I further dissect, I would like to say this: Childish Gambino is not pro-black. Any black man that orgasms after a white woman calls them the n-word in bed is not pro-black. Like, how are you turn on by a word that was used to justify the lynching of your people?

I would also like to say if you say things like “I date white girls because black girls treated me bad” or “black girls don’t like weird guys so I chose Becky” please take a seat. This rhetoric is a trifling excuse to dismiss black women. It is your fault women do not like you: dating is a privilege, not a right.

There are so many factors as to why a woman will not date you. You are not entitled to women. So blaming a whole race of women for your lameness is pitiful, dating Becky does not make you look more or less attractive. If Becky is so great, why can’t you leave black women out of it? To be frank, if I was Becky I would leave you and your insecurities.

Somehow through this discussion, the word “weird” black guy transformed to the word “nerdy” black guy. What woman wants a weird man? Weird men are creepy. People don’t date you because they are not attracted to you. Fix your fragile ego and wipe your face off the floor and gain some confidence.

Black nerds are in our communities, but because we glorify hood life and athletics, nerds are overshadowed. Most black people think a nerd is someone who is into comics or anime, what kind of generic bullshit definition is this? What about black people who love nature, hiking, camping, reading, math, arts, crafts etc. What about them? What about black men that are into architecture or engineering? Are they not nerds as well? I bet the black kid that is in the robotic clubs gets helluva love from his or her black peers. The fact people substituted the word weird with nerd is hilarious and switching the letter N out for B is even more amusing.

Excuse me nerd, did you go after the most popular girl in high school? Where you interested in other black nerds or, were you lusting after the Beyoncé’s and Rihanna’s. Now know Beyonce ain't married no slouch. Level up. Who do you think popular girls in school date? The date the other popular folks, hunny, that is not a black thing, that is a people thing.

Your feeling of rejection and resentment to black women is misplaced and immature. We get mad when white people generalize us, so why do we do the same to our own? If you like white women just say that is what you like! You don’t have to profess who is better or put white women on a pedestal and degrade black women. Yall been doing this for forty years. Give it a rest. It seems like you want black women to be mad, but for why?

You shouldn't put your partner on a pedestal because of their skin color. What you should do is put your partner on a pedestal because you found genuine love.

Dear black nerds, weirdos, and men, do me a favor date who you like without putting others down. Let the past go and move on.

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