Sure, 'Captain Marvel' Was Good But It's Time For Black Widow To Get The Solo Movie She Deserves

Sure, 'Captain Marvel' Was Good But It's Time For Black Widow To Get The Solo Movie She Deserves

Because Marvel could use a bit more girl power.


"Captain Marvel," in spite of what critics have said, was a very well done movie. It was jam-packed with inspiring moments, kick-ass girl power, great casting, good music, and Marvel-type humor. I have been on a Marvel kick recently. I took some time off of watching movies after the first Avengers and had a difficult time catching up since they are all relatively connected storylines. After being reintroduced to some of their movies and spending my Christmas break catching up on all the goodness I have missed out on, I was pretty pumped to start the 2019 year of movies off with a midnight premiere spot for Captain Marvel.

My local theater was electric with Marvel fans. There were so many types of people pulling up to see the movie, from businessmen and women who just got off work to loyal fans with custom made t-shirts. It didn't matter who you were, what you looked like or where you came from, you were part of this movie family for the next two hours. We all laughed together. We clapped together. My theater even brought in their own Captian Marvel to take pictures with.

Amongst all of the madness and leaving the theater pretty ecstatic for the other Marvel movies about to come, I came to realize that all of this love and hype should be directed to the woman who really deserves it... Black Widow.

Black Widow

Black Widow has been there for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from the beginning. Before the Avengers were united and before the Disney buy out. Scarlett Johannsson has brought the MCU with iconic looks, lines and fight scenes.

While we are all uniting behind the beauty of Captain Marvel and the power of womanhood, we're not bringing enough acknowledgment to the woman who made the MCU what is it today.

One of the biggest (and only) critiques I have for Captain Marvel was you truly only understood the movie to its full entity if you were a Marvel fan. Black Widow can't do the same thing if it wants to have an impact on cinematic history. That quality is what made Wonder Woman as successful as it was. You didn't need to see every D.C movie in order to enjoy and appreciate the film. You were never lost in plot or missing jokes. The movie held well on its own, which is something Captain Marvel lacked. You would be able to grasp the plot of Captain Marvel without knowing Marvel history or characters, but the little added moments that make the movie so good wouldn't be comprehended by someone who has maybe seen one or two Marvel movies in their time.

Black Widow deserves a stand-alone solo movie with its own plot and has the ability to empower all women, not just women who have seen Marvel films.

Black Widow deserves her midnight movie premiere to be the most important event in Marvel history. A film that is truly dedicated to showing everyone how powerful women can be.

And if anyone is worried about Marvel not being able to deliver on this task...

Black Widow

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5 Reasons Why The Fifty Shades Franchise Keeps Making Money

This franchise ain't going nowhere for a long time.

So it's that time of year again. Valentine's day is only a few days away and everyone's trying to make last minute plans. What's funny is that most of them involve one thing in common, going to see the final movie of the Fifty Shades Franchise, Fifty Shades Freed.

Whatever your opinion is on the movies or the books, you have to admit this franchise has been making bank. I've read all three books, along with the other hundred girls in my high school senior year. I've also seen all three movies, the first one against my will by my friends and the other two voluntarily.

This has been part of the global pop culture for the last seven years. The twilight fanfiction by E.L James has become a global phenomenon among millions. It's be read by women, teenage girls, old ladies, the whole nine. The movie franchise just crossed the billion mark this weekend after the movie earned $136.9 million dollars worldwide opening weekend. I've heard so many people ask how these movies are still current, why people go see it, and why they keep getting money.

1. The fantasy of it all

The books have been a favorite among women of all ages. It's sold over 150 million copies worldwide. The fantasy of being whisked off your feet by an attractive and young billionaire and discovering your sensual and sexual identity. The curiosity of the series is what make people want to read it.

They also enjoy the evolution of the relationship of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey from Dominant/Submissive to Boyfriend/Girlfriend to Husband/Wife. There are three books in the trilogy and two books written in the main character, Christian Grey, perspective called Grey and Darker. The sixth book, Freed, is expected to come out in 2019.

2. The book's large fanbase

The fans of the books are beyond dedicated to the franchise. There have been bookclubs and fanfictions revolving around the story. From teenagers to soccer moms to old ladies, they love these books and can't put them down. They support anything the franchise puts out. The love characters in the books the same way we love characters in movies and television.

3. The leads do the book justice

The lead actors, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, are not only attractive but are well-performing actors. The script may have the worst dialogue but they make best with what they are given and embody their characters. They push themselves to an emotional level when it comes anything funny or dramatic. Also, Jamie Dornan's accent is on point, you would never believe he's from Ireland.

4. Money smart

Shooting movies aren't cheap but Universal has seemed to master the method of producing movies on a budget and getting a high sustainable earning back for them. Sure the movie's earnings go down with every movie but they are still making bank.

With a $50 -$55 million dollar budget with every movie, they make six times more than what it cost to make the movies. The first movie made $571 million dollars worldwide in 2015, The second movie made $381 million in 2017, and as of February 12th, the third movie has grossed $136.9 million dollars. Putting the movie franchise in the billion-dollar club.

5. Good marketing

The marketing strategy by Universal has been on point and persistent. With the first two months of the year being movie droughts for studios, they saw the opportunity of having a successful movie by having near a holiday, Valentine's Day.

They always release a trailer in the fall and the movie comes three months later in the late winter. The calendar works very much in their favor with Valentine's Day falling in the middle of the week. You have a weekend release the week before and then you have a herd of people goes watch it on Valentines Day. That's a guaranteed cash cow flow for the studio.

So is there a possibility of a fourth movie? As of right now, there are no plans for a fourth film and the cast says they said their goodbyes.

But the power of the fans can make things possible. They fought to bring the books to the screen and continue to support the franchise. A possible fourth movie down the road could happen but if not, they still get money from the wine and nail polish.

Cover Image Credit: Facebook.

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We Need To Talk About Everyone And Everything Not In The New 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer

Who isn't in the new 'Avengers' movie?


The internet recently exploded with the release of a new trailer for 'Avengers: Endgame.' For those who have not yet found the time to watch all seventy-two films in the series (relax, I'm exaggerating,) the next installment in the Marvel franchise is said to show who all really survived the last film, as well as what will be done to bring the others back. Fans were quick to get excited over the trailer's debut of new suits, the hopelessness of the characters, and the fact that the trailer only shows clips from the first 20 minutes of the film (I know right!)

All are good observations, but I have bigger questions. Has anyone considered who all we are missing in this trailer? Sure, there are the obvious characters, such as the beloved cast of 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' but is that all? It most certainly is not! In case you forgot, here are a few others left out of the trailer that I can only hope will be in the film.

1. The rest of Jeremy Renner's hair

Woah. When did Hawkeye get so edgy? Doesn't this guy have like ten kids? Someone is going through a middle-age crisis... I have to respect it though. With approximately 34 other main characters in this one movie, ya gotta do what ya gotta do to stand out among the crowd.

2. Colors other than black, white, and red

I get it. I really do. It's for aesthetic purposes. It makes the movie look a little cooler. Plus, similar to Hawkeye's new 'do, it gives a little edge to the complex story-line already forming. I mean, who doesn't love a good pop of color?

3. Natalie Portman


I know that Thor and Jane can never be (and Natalie Portman has no desire to renew her contract with Marvel,) but I am still holding out hope! From what I have gathered, it looks like Pepper Potts is making her grand re-entrance. Why could Jane Foster not just sneak in behind her?

4. A new Spider-Man


Sorry, Tom Holland. It looks like your time is - Wait. What do you mean it isn't time for a new Spider-Man? We've had this one for like three years. Isn't it time to switch them out? Oh, it doesn't work that way... My bad! Tobey Maguire all the way!

5. Batman's butler, Alfred


I know it is DC comics, but could we not make an exception, just this once? Think about how fun the new movie would be with this guy running around giving sassy feedback and blunt advice! I would go see that movie twice, though I think many of you will do that anyways (no judgment here.)

6. A member of the Royal Family


These guys seem to be everywhere these days. Why not let one have a cameo in the movie? I would pay good money to see Prince William throwing around "how do we save the world this time" ideas with the other guys around the Avengers water cooler.

7. A girlfriend who seems to be holding her superhero boyfriend back, but she really just wants him to be safe


If there is one thing I missed most in the new trailer, it was a lack of worried looks from characters not clad in stretchy superhero suits. Where did all the significant others go? You know we can't go through an entire Marvel movie without a young woman yelling she "can't go through another day of not knowing if you are going to make it out alive this time."

8. Another guy named Chris


With three actors named Chris (and counting,) I think we should just go ahead and round up everyone with this name, throw them in a super suit, and let them have some fun. Audiences will love picking their favorite Chris and it will save tons of time and money as the credits go from a list of two million names to one simple, bold, over-sized "Chris."

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