The one thing about us Black people is that we're very simple and set in our ways. Sometimes we place ourselves in a box of sorts and just stick to "what we know." But the thing is, it's okay to explore and try new things.

Here's a list of 9 things Black people need to try.

1. Traveling.

I'd imagine very few Black people, Americans in particular, actually own a passport. So a when it comes to traveling, Black American's may go as far as to visit relatives in another state, but few actually leave the country. For the ones that do, the beaches of Jamaica may be full, but the amount of Black people visiting places like The French Riviera, the Australian outback or countries surrounding the Niger River are few and far between.

2. Eating their steaks "medium."

I grew up being told that the safe way, the "the only way" to eat beef was to have it "well done", but as I got older I found out that was farthest from the truth and that Black people are just big scaredy-cats! Beef is no less safe to eat while it is raw and in fact, steak tar-tar (raw ground beef) is actually a delicacy. Personally, I like my steaks medium-well and they are much more tender and flavorful than eating a well done, chewy hockey puck.

3. Researching BLACK culture.

It's amazing, really, how many Black people know almost nothing about their own culture. They will be quick to defend their nationality (their own slavers and oppressors) and turn up their noses at Caribbean and African cultures.

4. Camping/hiking/visiting national parks.

We all know that in the movies, the Black kid who goes hiking with his white friends is the first one kidnapped and mutilated by "the beast," but in real life, camping is often done in national parks as opposed to the middle of nowhere. Not only does camping allow for travel, but it is also great for exercise and exploration

5. Swimming.

First of all, swimming is really not that hard to do! You just have to get past that somewhat irrational fear of the water.

6. Tofu.

Yes, when repaired and SEASONED right, it really does taste like chicken...and it's healthier too!

7. Going to the doctor.

Black men in particular have the lowest life expentency rating. One of the biggest reasons Is the lack of self care and illnesses prevention.

8. Therapy.

To be fair, mental illnesses generally aren't taken seriously in the Black community. And you may have even heard a Black person say something in the realm of, "that's what people stuff," in regards to depression or anxiety. The truth is, Black People suffer from these things just the same as white people and there is nothing wrong with seeking out a therapist to help you heal your traumas.

9. Exotic foods.

There is more to life than mac and cheese, greens and cornbread....promise! There's nothing wrong with trying new foods. Just because it doesn't look like anything you normally eat or smell like oil doesn't mean it's not delicious.

Feel free to add more suggestions in the comment section below.