This has quickly become my new catchphrase for every instance in my life after seeing Marvel's newest box office hit, Black Panther. This movie not only highlights the beauty of Africa and its people, it highlights BLACK WOMEN. Here are a few reasons why Black Panther is one of the greatest things to happen for Black Womanhood this year.

1. The women are smart.

The smartest person in the entire kingdom is a woman. Shuri flawlessly creates and utilizes technology throughout the movie and keeps everyone on their toes. Her understanding of the power of vibranium (the magic metal in the movie) surpass all others and she is able to help save the life of the Black Panther with her knowledge. Beyond being a genius she has a killer personality and is one of the film's youngest characters.

2. The women are strong.

The strongest and most respected warrior in Wakanda is a woman. Okoye! Okoye! Okoye! I can not sing her praises enough. She is fiercely loyal and proves that she will do anything to protect and serve her country no matter her personal feelings towards the leader. She sacrifices for the people that she loves and that is one of the most admirable qualities of her leadership. Plus the best scenes in the movie are the ones where she wields her staff to kick butt!

3. The women are beautiful.

I didn't see a woman in the film who wasn't beautiful, villains included. Women of different skin tones were not only showcased but celebrated. The Queen Mother and Nakia are wonderful examples of the grace and beauty of Wakandan women. Who knew leading a country could be done so elegantly?

The way Black women are portrayed in this film is a refreshing change from the typical roles of maids, strippers, or bad mothers. The true essence of Black Womanhood is displayed and is not hidden in the background. The female characters have complex and intelligent roles and are at the forefront of decision-making in this movie! What a win for us!

If you haven't seen it yet go watch Black Panther and as always #TRUSTBLACKWOMEN!