I'll admit. I'm not very into Black Friday shopping. It really never was my thing. For the longest time, on retails's annual busiest shopping day, I would either kick back, relax, and watch a movie with my father or just spend time with family. Then times changed. two years, I walked through Kohls with my friend Joe, bought a pair of Mickey Mouse socks, and slowly got into it. Now each year, I gradually become more motivated by it however, only in the slightest ways. For example, this year will proabably be my first time entering a mall on that day. For the longest time, just like my father, Black Friday was the one day, my body wouldnt go near one. With the shopping day only nine days away, heres what's I plan to purchase on Black Friday.

1. Picture Frames

With various pictures hung on the walls of my college dorm, little by little, my goal is to remove them from the wall and put them in frames where they will appear nicer.

2. Dark Knight Trilogy

Like many people, I'm a big fan of Batman. Gotham is one of my favorite TV shows. As the show has motivated me to become more into the super hero along with others from the DC Universe and with the big Justice League film hitting the cinemas Friday, my interest rate in binging the Batman movies is high. With a price of $12 and possibly lower, this is something I cannot miss.

3. Wonder Woman DVD

I've waited years to see Diana Prince on the big screen. After an amazing performance by Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot, it was no surprise this was the highest grossing super hero movie of all time. Being a big fan of the DC Universe and amazed by the film, this is something definetly worth buying.

4. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban/ Goblet of Fire DVD's

Just like I'm a big fan of Justice League, Harry Potter is another franchise favorite of mine as well. With a book based on the new play and the performance heading to U.S., in additon to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios being this massive tourist attraction, everyones getting back into the Hogwarts spirit. Fans are re-reading the series and binging all eight films again. Since the DVD's are now so cheap and come two disc in a pack, this is definetly something that will be in my shopping cart. Besides what fan who has all the books, different types of Hogwarts House socks, and seen each film woud'nt want to be a DVD or even Blu-Ray owner of the films?

5. Lego Marvel Superheros for Xbox One

Just over a year ago, I switched from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. As one who likes playing the Lego Video Games, we all know, not all of them are as good as they appear. Although I'm more of a DC fan then Marvel, after reading good reviews on this game and with it being $19.99 pre owned at GameStop(maybe even cheaper with a Black Friday deal), it's something worth trying.