They walked up the stairs to Kyle's room. Kyle locked the doors behind him, there was no way he was going to risk letting any of those things even get a chance to get in. As he locked the door to his room, he felt a sense of dread and relief. He just survived another encounter with the undead, with the help of his girlfriend, but it made him think of how useless everything he's doing might be. It seemed that no matter what, there would always be another threat of death just around the corner. It hadn't even been a full day and he'd already been attacked several times, just barely making it out alive each time. He didn't know if he could keep it up, he had mentally prepared this scenario thousands of times in his head. There was nothing he hadn't thought of that could happen in a zombie apocalypse. That may sound ridiculous but he felt it was true, he had thought of every scenario and exactly what he would need to do no matter where he was. Living through it, on the other hand, was completely different. He felt like he had no idea what he should be doing. Most of everything he had thought he would need to do, he had done; gather food and supplies, find people, and a safe place to stay, at least for now. Yet it doesn't seem like anything he's done has made a difference, obviously they would need to kill the zombies or somehow get rid of them, but he thought what he had done would have at least made things easier.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Kyle looked up and he met Alice's gaze. "Nothing, just thinking about how all of this could have started and whether or not I'm doing enough." She shook her head, "Of course you're doing enough, you got a lot of food and you got me too." Kyle just nodded, he couldn't shake the feeling. "Look I know you know what you're doing, you talk about this stuff a lot and obviously you've put thought into living through one of these." Kyle nodded again, she was right, he had thought about this a lot and he did make it in his head like he'd never get attacked. Maybe being attacked as many times as he was, was a low number for a zombie apocalypse. After all this was an unprecedented event. "Talk about it, tell me what you know."

"So far all I know is that the zombies can talk to each other, and they can plan, to a certain extent. And for whatever reason, not everyone has been infected. I doubt it's by some genetic mutation in us or the fact that we simply weren't bitten, if the rest of the campus aside from three of us were infected we absolutely would've been bitten." He thought about what else he saw when he was out. "They aren't all completely aggressive, one of them didn't chase me." Kyle shook his head. "We need to figure out why we weren't infected and the only way to do that would be to compare what we did last night, and it'd be better if we got that guy over here so we'd have another point of reference." Alice nodded along with his sentences. "Okay," she finally said, "then let's go get him." She got off the bed and headed for the door. Kyle leaped and ran to stop her. "I told him we'd get him in the morning when all the zombies are asleep." She still reached for the door. "Let's be honest, he's not going to sleep and neither are we, so we might as well not sit and wait for him to do something dumb and get eaten." Kyle shrugged, she was right, it would be better to get people together more quickly so we can have more time to figure things out and another item off the proverbial 'to-do list'. "Okay let's go." They left the dorm and made their way across the parking lot. As they grew closer, they noticed the front door of the the guy's dorm was open. They reached the doorway and, "AAAHHHHH".