Who doesn't love to slip on a pair of sandals when it's too hard to tie shoes? Not a week goes by that I don't wear them at least once. But my go-to pair of sandals are Birkenstocks, not slides.

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not talking about those ones that cost a fortune. I don't have anything against the classic Birks, but they're not quite my style. I prefer the water-friendly Arizona Essentials ones. Why? They're made of EVA, so they're washable, lightweight, and odor-neutral. They're also a little closer in design to slides, so they're perfect for comparison.

But seriously, why Birkenstocks at all? It's probably not a good sign when your mom, Dwight Schrute and you all wear the same kind of shoes. But as I figured out, if you just give them a try, you won't go back.

My favorite thing about Birks is their comfort. Not the lazy bum kind of comfort slides give, but the ergonomic support of Birks. They aren't like other sandals. They're offered in narrow and wide versions, which gives me the very literal sense that Birkenstock does not approach sandals with a "one size fits all" mindset.

They're also made in Germany; I don't know if that makes them better, but it sounds cool. Their lifespan is a lot longer than I would imagine a pair of slides is because they're one piece sandals with buckles, so there are no velcros to get nasty or parts of the sole to fall off. They're even pretty good shower shoes for that communal college bathroom you're stuck using.

If you're still sticking by your slides after all this, you have to just give the Birks a try. I personally never understood the craze until I put on a pair and didn't want to take them off. Give your slides a rest, and give your feet something better.