It's summertime! And that means free time, which also means the thing we all love … binge-watching time. If you're anything like me, you compile a list of the shows you're ready to watch or add them to your Netflix list, whatever it is that you do. It's finally the time you've been waiting for … to sit back, relax and not move for an obscene amount of time that we're going to casually skim over.

If you're looking for a show to add to your list, well I've got some of my picks for my binge-list this summer.

1. "Once Upon A Time"


I have always wanted to watch this show but just never got around to starting it - until about three weeks ago. Now, here I am, 6 seasons in and can't get enough of it. The characters are amazing, the costumes are mind-blowing, and there's just so much creativity. You will constantly wonder what's going to happen next. This is now one of my favorite shows, ever.

2. "The Crown"


Anyone else want to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure, the Royal Family? Yeah, me too. I've only ever heard amazing things about "The Crown", so I think it's time I added it to my list and get to it.

3. "This Is Us"


I started the first episode of this one with high hopes and finished sobbing uncontrollably. Just an insight into what you'll be like when you watch this one. I still have a lot more to watch, but it's just so good. You'll understand the hype within a few minutes. Trust me.

4. "Westworld"


I have to be honest. I have zero idea what this show is about. All I know is that I've heard people talking about how amazing this show is for quite some time. I'm as curious as you are to find out what it's about, that is unless you've already seen it and actually do know, which in that case go you for being ahead of the trend.

5. "13 Reasons Why" Season 2


OK, now this one is a very controversial one. I personally loved the first season, which I'm aware is a very split decision. I really enjoyed the second season for the most part. There were definitely certain elements and scenes that I was not a huge fan of, but it is still raw, emotional, and filled with fantastic performances from a young and talented cast.

6. "Pose"


This one I have not seen yet, but I've hear such great things about it. With a killer cast and a storyline that should be told, I think this is going to be a good one. Did I mention it's from Ryan Murphy, aka the genius behind "Glee" and "American Horror Story"?

7. "Beat Shazam"


So this one isn't necessarily a binge-worth show, but it's very fun and entertaining. It has music, laughs, and Jaime Foxx. What could be bad about that? The answer is nothing.

8. "Disney Fairytale Weddings"


If you're like me, then you live for anything wedding related. Just add Disney to the mix and you've got a bonafide hit on your hands. This show is beautiful, romantic, and might even make you tear up a little bit - or a lot. It also can potentially give you an unrealistic idea of what your wedding and/or proposal will be, but that's besides the point.

Well that's it. Say goodbye to heat and hello to your bed because there's tons of binge-worthy TV for you to enjoy this summer.

Happy binge-watching!