Sometimes watching a really good television show is like reading a really good book, no matter how hard you try to stop watching, you just can't. These shows are in my personal opinion binge-worthy for at least the first season, if not more. So, if you are up for a little Netflix and relaxation, check these shows out!

1. "Grey's Anatomy"

As a show that follows the life and inner thought processes of Doctor Meredith Grey, I was hesitant to watch at first due to the hype surrounding it from the beginning. But because I am extremely interested in science and surgery, I decided to give it a try. My love of science has almost nothing to do with my obsession with this show. Endless amounts of doctor drama, moments of excitement, moments of intense sadness. It's like the worlds greatest emotional rollercoaster.

2. "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina"

I first started watching this show around Halloween, as it follows the life of a young Sabrina Spellman, a character well known from the show Sabrina The Teenage Witch. However, this show has an even darker turn. It covers hell, and Satan, and demons, as well as multiple satanic rituals that will definitely give you goosebumps. Even though it may not be around Halloween anymore, I will definitely be binge-watching season two once it is released.

3. "Shannara Chronicle's"

I just started watching this show, which takes place in a post-human society existing mostly of elves, gnomes, trolls, and more. This show is full of magic, action, and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys fiction.

4. "The Crown"

A show following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, this period drama shows endless amounts of female empowerment, politics, drama, and history. Of course not all 100% accurate, but it is a television show based on a play based on history, so you can see how the degree of error is totally acceptable.

5. "Black Mirror"

This show has made many lists throughout its Netflix history for being a must watch, and it is easy to see why. Each episode is a separate universe, with a different plot and different characters. Although it is one show, each episode stands on its own. A must watch for those who love science fiction.