I Binge-Watched Girl Boss in A Weekend, and You Should Too

I always love getting that e-mail from Netflix. The one that tells me there is a new show that's out that I may like to watch. That show was Girl Boss, and I watched it right away. Going into it, I was like, okay I like the title of the show sounds good. Little did I know, I would finish it within two days.

For those who do not know or have never seen the show, Girl Boss is about a girl names Sophia, who is the main character, and it takes you through her life when she literally went from nothing, and became something.

The one thing I loved most about the show is how inspiring it was. Sophia could not have been the more perfect character. With a vulgar mouth and her give-no-shits personality, you can tell from the start she is a Girl Boss.

I recommend this show 10/10 because it really is one that is full of hope. It is also based on a real person and events, (not giving it away). And the best part is when you finally find out who it is and what. I think it is a show that really shows that hard work and determination really do go a long way. And that if you work hard at a dream, it can come true. I think that is what makes this show so great. Because the story line is real life. It is based on a real person and their life and struggles, and is something that so many can relate to in one way or another.

So if you had just seen the name pop-up and never clicked on it, do it.

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