14 Shows To Binge This Summer

14 Shows To Binge This Summer

Shows to get you through those long, hot nights.


Summer is almost here and most people are out of school— or at least almost out of school. The three free months you have between finals and syllabus week are nice, but can sometimes be boring. You may find yourself flipping through Netflix, trying to find the next show to power your summer binge-sessions. But have no fear, I am here with a list of 14 of the best Netflix shows to binge this summer.

1. "Scream: The TV Series"

Scream: The TV Series

For lovers of the classic thrasher film, this series is a great watch. The short 2 season MTV show is full of twists and turns and will keep you on your toes until the series finale. If you find yourself up late, itching for a horror fix, take a swing with this one.

2. "The Office"

The Office

If you still haven't watched this, what are you doing? I will be the first to admit that the first season is a little slow, but if you muster through those short 6 episodes, it will be totally worth it. A lengthy series that will keep you occupied for a good chunk of your summer.

3. "Parks And Recreation"

Parks and Recreation

A show made in the same fashion as "The Office", it instead follows the lives of the workers of the parks and recreation department of the town of Pawnee, Indiana. The short episodes and interesting storylines make it perfect for daily binge sessions.

4. "Friends"


Another show that is well worth the hype. It's a nice throwback to when times were simpler. Although this is a long series it's nice to binge periodically throughout your summer.

5. "New Girl"

New Girl

A show that follows the lives of an unlikely group of friends in the 30s, struggling to find out what to do with their lives.

6. "Gossip Girl"

Gossip Girl

If you've ever wondered what it is like to have so much money that you can bathe in it? Ever wondered what it's like to have drama with every person you've ever met? Look no further, and binge this show that follows the lives of the elite teens of the Upper East Side.

7. "Criminal Minds"

Criminal Minds

Quench your thirst for murders with this show. Every episode is interesting and all the characters— except for the murderers— are lovable.

8. "One Day At A Time"

One Day At A Time

A Netflix series that follows a working-class family and showcases the struggles that modern American families have to face. A laid back show that is perfect for a binge session or something you can watch everyday after work.

9. "Gilmore Girls"

Gilmore Girls

If you want to make it feel like you're being productive during your summer off, watch study queen Rory Gilmore take on the world. This series is a little long, so it will keep you occupied for a while. And, if you feel yourself itching for more of the Gilmores, Netflix rebooted the series a little while ago for a four part series called "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

10. "Queer Eye"

Queer Eye

The Netflix revival of this classic show is perfect for those binges when you want to feel all the emotions. Don't fear when you see that it's only one season—a second one is coming real soon.

11. "Santa Clarita Diet"

Santa Clarita Diet

Another great Netflix show that is highly underrated. A new and unique take on zombies that is refreshing if you've gotten tired of the same old zombie shows.

12. "Freaks and Geeks"

Freaks And Geeks

A short-lived 90s sitcom that deserved so much better. A show centered around a girl trying to fit in with some of the school freaks while her little brother deals with being one of the school geeks. With only one season, it's a great binge for one of those rainy summer days.

13. "American Vandal"

American Vandal

This mockumentary follows a high school student as he investigates who spray painted the teachers' cars in an attempt to clear the name of the school's bully. A unique show that will keep you guessing the whole time.

14. "Arrested Development

Arrested Development

This show follows the life of a dysfunctional family that is trying to get their lives back on track after the family company goes under. A show that is in every way dysfunctional and entertaining.

So, whether you're looking for something to binge after work, or to take up you days free of class, one of these shows is bound to be for you. So, kick back, crank up that A/C and get to binging.

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