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I'm sure you've already heard the big news about Netflix raising their monthly prices, but seriously guys - it's not as big of a deal as everyone is making it seem.

Being the movie fanatic that I am, Netflix has supplied me with an endless supply of movies and shows that I watch probably way more than I should.

If you're as much of a Netflix user as I am, here are 22 UNDENIABLY GREAT reasons why the few extra dollars you'll have to start paying soon will be worth it.

1. ​"You"

joe goldberg

This new Netflix original has viewers SHOOK! Joe is psychotic, Beck is just as unstable as he is, and that makes this show the definition of frustration.

Although it makes you want to rip your hair out, and it's also terrifying; it is definitely worth the watch!

2. "Shameless"


First of all, Lip Gallagher could father my children. Secondly, the content is hilarious. Huge props to the script-writer! Thirdly, the Gallagher's have such drama-filled lives that it's extremely hard to stop watching.

P.S. we still hate Debbie but it doesn't change the fact that overall this is such a good show.

3. "The Haunting of Hill House"

the haunting of hill house

If you enjoy thrillers this is a must watch. I watched the whole thing in one night (so far there are only 10 episodes) and LOVED every second! It's also a Netflix original so you can't watch it anywhere else.

4. "Orange Is The New Black"

orange is the new black

BEWARE: lots of sex and nudity; basically some soft porn, but it's still a good show that has also originated from Netflix! So it's the only place where you can (and should) view it.

5. "Jane the Virgin"

jane the virgin

The story of how a virgin woman gets pregnant. Intriguing right?

6. "Blue Mountain State"

blue mountain state


I don't need to say anything else because if you know, you know.

7. "The Vampire Diaries"

salvatore brothers

This is definitely one of my personal favorites that is a must-see for those of you who are fans of the supernatural.

The Salvatore Brothers could literally ruin my life and I would thank them!

8. "The Originals"

klaus mikaelson

And if you like "The Vampire Diaries" you will enjoy "The Originals" just as much. The villain that you originally know Klaus Mikaelson as softens, and then you don't feel as bad for thinking that he's one of the hottest guys alive.

9. "Supernatural"

winchester brothers

"Supernatural" is another personal fave of mine. Sam and Dean Winchester are ICONIC.

Bonus: they're total eye candy too!

10. "Gossip Girl"

serena and blair

Warning: this show will drive you crazy from beginning to end but it's one of those things where once you start you just can't stop. Anyways, it's another fave on my never-ending list.

"XOXO, Gossip Girl."

11. "13 Reasons Why"

13 reasons why

Sure, this Netflix original has some graphic content, but in my opinion it's so important that it is watched and talked about because of the strong message that it sends.

12. "Stranger Things"

stranger things

I'm not even all that into aliens and sci-fi but I'll be one of the first to tell you that this Netflix original is the and worth the watch for sure.

13. "Riverdale"


"Riverdale" is based on the Archie comics and will not disappoint if a drama is what you're looking to watch.

Plus, Cole Sprouse KILLS his role and looks so good while doing it.

14. "The Ranch"

the ranch ashton kutcher

Another great original that Netflix offers. One that literally makes me laugh out loud.

Bonus: Ashton Kutcher is easy on the eyes.

15. "Big Mouth"

big mouth maury

If you have a more vulgar sense of humor then you will LOVE big mouth. I have friends who can actually quote this show!

It's an interesting take on the transition from child to (semi) adult and it just so happens that Netflix is the comical genius behind this animation.

16. "New Girl"

new girl nick miller

Anyone who says they don't like this show is LYING. Not only is it hilarious, but there's just enough romance to make it even better than you thought possible.

17. "American Horror Story"

american horror story murder house

AHS is very different, to say the least. Each season has a different take on things so you never really know what to expect. You may love one season and then watch another and absolutely hate it.

But that's the beauty of this show! It's totally acceptable to hit and miss seasons because each one tells a different story.

18. "The 100"

the 100 bellamy blake

Bellamy Blake. That's it. You don't need any other reason but him to watch this show.

19. "Parenthood"

parenthood nbc

Okay but seriously why is "Parenthood" is so underrated!? I just happened to stumble across this show and after watching it I am so upset that it's not talked about more!

10/10 recommend.

20. "Friends"


"Friends" is a CLASSIC and it's definitely worth the $100 million agreement. So if you haven't watched it already, you probably should be, seeing as the price of your Netflix account is raising primarily because of this show.

After writing this I'm actually thinking that I might just be paying for Netflix to watch all the hot guys, but that's still fine by me!

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