Meet The Biker Guru Who Serves The Homeless

Meet The Biker Guru Who Serves The Homeless

He travels the country on his Harley-Davidson, stopping to talk with the homeless and give them a bite to eat.


On a trip to South Dakota, my brother and I stopped at a campground in Iowa. As we were setting up our camp, the low rumble of a Harley Davidson hummed passed us, the biker giving us a wave. Later on that evening, we went to say hello. Honestly, I thought this biker would probably pull a weapon on us or cuss us out and tell us to leave. Instead, he did the furthest thing from it. He was one of the nicest guys we ever met and he had plenty of stories to tell.

The Biker Guru. He looked like a biker for sure. A long white beard, sunglasses, boots and biker clothes. He was short with a powerful belly and shared that he has dressed up as Santa Clause plenty of times. We interrupted him while he was setting up his one-man camp; a lone-wolf traveler.

First, we found out he was going to Sturgis for bike week. If you didn't know, over a million bikers show up at Sturgis, South Dakota during Bike Week, some traveling all the way from Maine to get together for biker heaven. The Biker Guru, we'll call him Dean, let us know that we needed to stop by there. He told us more about his life, slowly revealing a character that is larger than life.

After growing greedy from his success in business, he decided to step away from his career and serve others. Now, he spends a majority of his time riding on his Harley, all across the country. The purpose behind his travels is to serve the homeless. When he comes across a lonely homeless person on the street, he pulls over and talks to them. He doesn't try to pick them up or put them down, he simply talks to them, leaving behind a gift card to McDonald's. He lets them know that someone out there cares about them.

Dean looks for the most broken people out there and genuinely cares for them. How does he show it? By talking to them. That's right, just talks with them. They are left with the means to get a bite to eat; hopefully, it is a little jump start to get them back on their feet. It doesn't stop here. He offers a relationship to the homeless, the lost and forgotten, and sometimes even exchanges cell-phone information.

Dean told us a moving story about someone he encountered. There was a homeless man so consumed in his misery that even the other homeless in his community shunned him. The bottom of the totem-pole; he was completely forgotten. Dean noticed him at one of his stops and went to talk to him, doing his usual thing, loving someone who needed love. The man took Dean underneath a highway overpass, saying he needed to show him something. Underneath the bridge was a hangman's noose, ready to be used. This broken man was ready to hang himself that evening. He was a wealthy man from Texas that lost his house, wife, and kids in a house fire, and after feeling all was lost, he started walking and didn't stop. He said Dean saved his life, showing him love and grace when no one else would.

Dean had fun stories too, like the time he encountered high schoolers in an old train tunnel, decked out in his biker gear while he was wearing a head-lamp and carrying a machete. He scared the heebie-jeebies out of them. We shared our stories and he showed us love too. While we were talking, someone came up to him and gave him $60 cash to help with his mission, knowing Dean was at the same campground because they followed his blog. We talked and he shared his incredible stories until the sun went completely down and the bugs began to attack us. Then, before we left, he prayed for us.

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