Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see? Sometimes your words really describe me. And I just love your relatable (college) ways. Guess that's why I'm broke, and one day will get paid (if I actually make it through college and get a degree at this point, lol)


College Kids Everywhere

PS: Sorry I butchered, "Hypnotize"

Here's an ode to Big Poppa and for the times his raps have helped me get through difficult college days.

When you and a friend have a class together

When the teacher assigns an extra project right before exams

Blowing money and trying to pretend you're not a broke college student

But then you have more money in your bank account than you originally thought

Acing an exam you thought you were going to fail

Staying up all night to study and making a great grade on the assignment

Zoning out in class after an all-nighter

When a teacher roasts a student in class

Trying to pretend that your grades (and life) aren't falling apart when they really are

Getting ready for any vacation break like

Late night munchies when you're trying to pull an all-nighter

When you have a group project and you and your friend immediately pair up

When someone says something stupid in class

Getting back a bad grade when you thought you did well

When you catch a cutie on campus

When you get that cutie's number

Actually feeling like (maybe) you have your life together and won't drop out of college afterall