We all have our fair share of things people do that annoy the crap out of us. Some of these things make no sense to others, and some are common among people. These are some of my "pet peeves" that I have gathered from the past years. I typically won't call anyone out for doing any of these, but we all know that feeling inside we get when we a pet peeve gets to us. So, if you know me and are reading this, I can now call you out since you know the following things bother me.

1. Loud chewing

Loud Chewing

I don't know if it is the sound of the food or the fact that I can also see the food in that person's mouth, but it all irks me equally at the dinner table.

2. Chalkboards


Since I have grown up in a time with dry erase boards, this is a pet peeve that happens less often. But in college, chalkboards are something very common in the classroom unlike high school and middle school. The sound of the chalk on the board can really be a learning distraction when all you can focus on is the sound.

3. People who take your food off your plate without asking


My dad used to do this one to me ALL THE TIME! If you want to try my food, I don't mind, but PLEASE ask. There is nothing worse than people taking all your food off your plate without asking if you mind.

4. Snoring


I have come to realize a lot of my pet peeves are sounds. That being said, I like to sleep in silence. The only hard part of college touring was sharing a room with my parents, who won't admit it but both snore. It wasn't too fun on the pull out coach with pillows on top of my head trying to block the sound.

5. Nail biting

Nail Biting

Here we are again with another sound that gets under my skin. I am not sure if this one is hypocritical because I have a terrible habit of picking my nails. I'm not going to lie, one time I tried to bite my nails and it just didn't work. Either my teeth weren't strong enough or the pet peeve stood in my way.

6. When drivers don't use their turn signals

Turn Signals

I would like to say I am a very cautious driver. So whenever I drive, I always use my turn signals. With that being said, it makes me so angry when people don't use theirs. They could be turning for all I know, but I think they are going straight because they were too lazy to signal.

7. Abbreviating words that are already short

Abbreviating words

People abbreviating words that are four letters will never make sense to me. I mean, the word is short enough already, what is the point of shaving off a letter? This pet peeve doesn't happen as much in person, but rather I see it on social media, especially with the generation I have grown up in.


Knuckle Cracking Giphy

I don't think anything rubs me the wrong way more than the sound of knuckle cracking. If you crack any part of your body next to me, you will see my face go into absolute discomfort. But, the absolute worst is when I am sitting in class, and the person in front of me cracks their back on their chair.

We all have our fair share of things that rub us in a weird way. Whether it is snoring, or knuckle cracking, these few things will most likely always give me the heeby-jeebies.