5 Things You Know Way Too Well If Your Big Is Your Best Friend
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Student Life

5 Things You Know Way Too Well If Your Big Is Your Best Friend

Thank you, Greek life.

5 Things You Know Way Too Well If Your Big Is Your Best Friend

If you're as lucky as me, the "big sister" you found in your sorority is your best friend. My big is smart, independent, caring, trendy and so much else.

She serves the purpose of a mentor, sister, and cheerleader all in one. Take a look at these five characteristics that you'd know if your big is your best friend.

1. She mothers you, but you also very much mother her.

There have been ample outgoing phone calls and texts from me to my big where I've been in dire need for a wiser opinion to help me navigate life in college.

She's always been there to offer me a helping hand in all my endeavors. If not for her, I could've taken some wrong turns. With that being said, this is definitely a two-way street.

She's allowed me to take the director's seat in some of her life scenes and these moments between her and I have made our friendship all the more valuable.

2. You can literally text her anything, at any time, and she'll just get you.

From relationships to drama to the classes you love or hate, there's nothing that's off the table with your big. And what's more is that it's always the perfect time to spill the tea no matter who, what, where, when, why, or how.

In college, it can take a while for friends to feel as loyal as family. If your relationship with your big develops into a bond of loyalty and trust, it's really the best thing ever.

3. You know how to be completely happy for one another even when it's from a distance.

At the end of the day, you both are different ages which has its implications in college. She's been there so far and has been developing friendships while you're just starting out to do so.

Your lives don't intertwine completely but you are wholly happy for each other from a birds-eye view.

Sometimes, you won't even be at school at the same time but you'll understand that you're both on your own journey and the endless love and support will transcend the distance.

4. You're both ridiculous in the same but different way.

Sometimes, you probably wonder what people would think if they actually heard one of your conversations or witnessed your tendencies when together.

One time, during exams, my big and I were studying in the library together for no longer than about one hour. Instead of... studying... we looked at each other in a moment of boredom and left to go shopping at Urban Outfitters.

Later that week, we compulsively planned a dinner date to a high-end sushi restaurant. I had failed to make the reservation and called the wrong venue, but regardless, this all happened.

5. You love each other, big time!

And nobody can tell you differently. Your bond is strong and pure and that's all there is to it.

Take a minute to thank your big and tell her you love her because she is such a wonderful facet in college, and ultimately, in life. I'm so lucky to have such a great friend by my side.

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