Why Big Sis Week is the Best

After sorority rush, everyone is exhausted and overwhelmed. Bid day is even more overwhelming when you realize you only know 2 people in your sorority. A couple weeks pass and you begin to meet people, recognize faces, and make friends. Then, big sister week is here, which is when you truly begin to feel part of something.

1. You get showered with presents


Vintage t-shirts, sorority buttons, and candy are all perks of big-sis week.

2. It's a big secret


You don't know who your big sis is until reveals, which makes the process all the more fun.

3. You get to go on fun surprise adventures


A blind date was one of mine, and it turned out being really fun.

4. You get serenaded by amazing acapella groups from around campus


This is arguably the most fun part.

5. You get closer with your pledge class


Bonding over this awesome week is certainly a way to meet other people in your pledge class.

6. You feel loved


You feel like someone really cares about you, which of course is an awesome feeling.

If you are in a sorority and haven't gotten to this fun week yet, be excited.

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